Manoj K. Jangid  (मनोज कु.जांगिड़)
Manoj K. Jangid (मनोज कु.जांगिड़)
Other namesManoj Kumar
University of Michigan | IIT Bombay | CSIR-NCL | Uni. of Rajasthan
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Cited by
Cation/anion substitution in Cu2ZnSnS4 for improved photovoltaic performance
B Ananthoju, J Mohapatra, MK Jangid, D Bahadur, NV Medhekar, ...
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Understanding the Li-storage in few layers graphene with respect to bulk graphite: experimental, analytical and computational study
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Real-time monitoring of stress developments during electrochemical cycling of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries: Overview and perspectives
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Li metal battery, heal thyself
A Mukhopadhyay, MK Jangid
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Enhanced and Faster Potassium Storage in Graphene with Respect to Graphite: A Comparative Study with Lithium Storage
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Crystalline core/amorphous shell structured silicon nanowires offer size and structure dependent reversible Na-storage
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Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (8), 3422-3434, 2018
Insight into the mechanical integrity of few-layers graphene upon lithiation/delithiation via in situ monitoring of stress development
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Understanding the cyclic (in)stability and the effects of presence of stable conducting network on the electrochemical performances of Na2Ti3O7
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Inkjet-Printed Environmentally Friendly Graphene Film for Application as a High-Performance Anode in Li-Ion Batteries
A Kushwaha, MK Jangid, BB Bhatt, A Mukhopadhyay, D Gupta
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 4 (8), 7911–7921, 2021
Effect of the presence of Si-oxide/sub-oxide surface layer (s) on ‘micron-sized’Si wires towards the electrochemical behavior as anode material for Li-ion battery
MK Jangid, S Sinha, AS Lakhnot, FJ Sonia, A Kumar, RO Dusane, ...
Electrochimica Acta 297, 381-391, 2019
Optimization of lithium content in LiFePO4 for superior electrochemical performance: the role of impurities
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Supramolecular interaction facilitated small molecule films for organic field effect transistors
A Arulkashmir, RY Mahale, SS Dharmapurikar, MK Jangid, ...
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In-situ monitoring of stress developments and mechanical integrity during galvanostatic cycling of LiCoO­2 thin films
V Malav, MK Jangid, I Hait, A Mukhopadhyay
ECS Electrochemistry Letters 4 (12), A148-A150, 2015
Improved electrochemical performance of interface modified MoS2/CNT nano-hybrid and understanding of its lithiation/delithiation mechanism
KK Halankar, BP Mandal, MK Jangid, A Mukhopadhyay, N Abharana, ...
J. Alloys Compd. 844, 156076, 2020
Mechanical and Electrochemical Stability Improvement of SiC-Reinforced Silicon-Based Composite Anode for Li-Ion Batteries
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ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (12), 12613–12626, 2020
In-situ studies towards the occurrence of ‘pseudoelasticity’ in confined nanostructured NiTi films and its implications towards ‘stress buffering’ during electrochemical Li …
MK Jangid, R Lakra, V Srihari, HK Poswal, M Aslam, P Pant, ...
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2 (11), 8181-8196, 2019
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