Christopher Small
Christopher Small
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צוטט על ידי
Dealing with disaster: Surviving misbehaved kernel extensions
MI Seltzer, Y Endo, C Small, KA Smith
OSDI 96 (56), 213-227, 1996
Performance of multithreaded chip multiprocessors and implications for operating system design
A Fedorova, MI Seltzer, CA Small, D Nussbaum
Self-monitoring and self-adapting operating systems
M Seltzer, C Small
Proceedings. The Sixth Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (Cat. No …, 1997
Mercury: Host-side flash caching for the data center
S Byan, J Lentini, A Madan, L Pabon, M Condict, J Kimmel, S Kleiman, ...
2012 IEEE 28th Symposium on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST), 1-12, 2012
Why does file system prefetching work?
EAM Shriver, C Small, KA Smith
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, General Track, 71-84, 1999
The Pebble Component-Based Operating System.
E Gabber, C Small, JL Bruno, JC Brustoloni, A Silberschatz
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, General Track, 267-282, 1999
A Comparison of OS Extension Technologies.
C Small, MI Seltzer
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, 41-54, 1996
A tool for constructing safe extensible C++ systems
C Small
Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems, 1997
Specializing I/O access patterns for flash storage
C Small, SM Byan, JF Lentini
US Patent 9,645,917, 2017
Vino: An integrated platform for operating system and database research
CA Small, MI Seltzer
A Introduction to the Architecture of the VINO Kernel
M Seltzer
Technical Report TR-34-94, Harvard University, 1994
Operating system transfer of control and parameter manipulation using portals
JL Bruno, E Gabber, A Silberschatz, CA Small
US Patent 6,604,123, 2003
Throughput-oriented scheduling on chip multithreading systems
A Fedorova, M Seltzer, C Small, D Nussbaum
Technical Report TR-17, 2004
MiSFIT: Constructing safe extensible systems
C Small, M Seltzer
IEEE concurrency 6 (3), 34-41, 1998
Chip multithreading systems need a new operating system scheduler
A Fedorova, C Small, D Nussbaum, M Seltzer
Proceedings of the 11th workshop on ACM SIGOPS European workshop, 9-es, 2004
VINO: The 1994 fall harvest
Y Endo, MI Seltzer, CA Small, K Smith
Assessing the potential public health impacts of changing climate and land use: The New York Climate & Health Project
PL Kinney, JE Rosenthal, C Rosenzweig, C Hogrefe, W Solecki, ...
Climate Change and Variability: Consequences and Responses. Washington, DC …, 2006
Structuring the kernel as a toolkit of extensible, reusable components
C Small, M Seltzer
Proceedings of International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operating …, 1995
Pebble: A component-based operating system for embedded applications
J Bruno, J Brustoloni, E Gabber, A Silberschatz, C Small
Proc. USENIX Workshop on Embedded Systems, 55-65, 1999
Issues in extensible operating systems
MI Seltzer, Y Endo, CA Small, KA Smith
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