Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo
Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo
CFTC, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
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צוטט על ידי
Human Mobility in Large Cities as a Proxy for Crime
C Caminha, V Furtado, T H. C. Pequeno, C Ponte, H P. M. Melo, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.09936, 2016
Linear stability analysis of transverse dunes
HPM Melo, EJR Parteli, JS Andrade Jr, HJ Herrmann
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Statistical signs of social influence on suicides
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The price of a vote: Diseconomy in proportional elections
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Traveling heterogeneity in public transportation
C Ponte, HPM Melo, C Caminha, JS Andrade Jr, V Furtado
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Towards understanding the impact of crime on the choice of route by a bus passenger
D Sullivan, C Caminha, HPM Melo, V Furtado
EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 41-50, 2017
A Solution to the Challenge of Optimization on''Golf-Course''-Like Fitness Landscapes
HPM Melo, A Franks, AA Moreira, D Diermeier, JS Andrade Jr, ...
PloS one 8 (11), e78401, 2013
Heterogeneous impact of a lockdown on inter-municipality mobility
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Lattice model for self-folding at the microscale
T Simões, HPM Melo, NAM Araújo
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Combining experiments and in silico modeling to infer the role of adhesion and proliferation on the collective dynamics of cells
HPM Melo, FR Maia, AS Nunes, RL Reis, JM Oliveira, NAM Araújo
bioRxiv, 2021
Optimal number of faces for fast self-folding kirigami
HPM Melo, CS Dias, NAM Araújo
Communications Physics 3, 154, 2020
Fundraising and vote distribution: A non-equilibrium statistical approach
HPM Melo, NAM Araújo, JS Andrade Jr
PloS one 14 (10), e0223059, 2019
Statistical Signs of Social Influence on Suicides (vol 4, 6239, 2014)
HPM Melo, AA Moreira, E Batista, HA Makse, JS Andrade
Collective dynamics and proliferation on flat substrate: from cells to tissues
HPM Melo, AS Nunes, NAM Araújo
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