Nadja Schinkel-Bielefeld
Nadja Schinkel-Bielefeld
Sivantos GmbH
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Optimality of human contour integration
UA Ernst, S Mandon, N Schinkel–Bielefeld, SD Neitzel, AK Kreiter, ...
PLoS Computational Biology 8 (5), e1002520, 2012
An intuitive model of perceptual grouping for HCI design
R Rosenholtz, NR Twarog, N Schinkel-Bielefeld, M Wattenberg
Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems …, 2009
Audio quality evaluation by experienced and inexperienced listeners
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, N Lotze, F Nagel
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics ICA2013 19 (1), 060016, 2013
Inferring the role of inhibition in auditory processing of complex natural stimuli
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, SV David, SA Shamma, DA Butts
Journal of neurophysiology 107 (12), 3296-3307, 2012
Training listeners for multi-channel audio quality evaluation in MUSHRA with a special focus on loop setting
N Schinkel-Bielefeld
2016 Eighth International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience …, 2016
Robust integration and detection of noisy contours in a probabilistic neural model
N Schinkel, KR Pawelzik, UA Ernst
Neurocomputing 65, 211-217, 2005
Does understanding of test items help or hinder subjective assessment of basic audio quality?
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, N Lotze, F Nagel
Audio Engineering Society Convention 133, 2012
Generation and Evaluation of Isolated Audio Coding Artifacts
S Dick, N Schinkel-Bielefeld, S Disch
Audio Engineering Society Convention 143, 2017
Is it Harder to Perceive Coding Artifact in Foreign Language Items?–A Study with Mandarin Chinese and German Speaking Listeners
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, Z Jiandong, Q Yili, AK Leschanowsky, F Shanshan
Audio Engineering Society Convention 142, 2017
Optimal contour integration: When additive algorithms fail
N Schinkel, KR Pawelzik, UA Ernst
Neurocomputing 69 (10-12), 1297-1300, 2006
Evaluation of Hearing Aids in Everyday Life Using Ecological Momentary Assessment: What Situations Are We Missing?
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, P Kunz, A Zutz, B Buder
American Journal of Audiology 29 (3S), 591-609, 2020
Perception of Coding Artifacts by Nonnative Speakers-A Study with Mandarin Chinese and German Speaking Listeners
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, J Zhang, Y Qin, AK Leschanowsky, S Fu
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 66 (1/2), 60-70, 2018
Intelligibility evaluation of speech coding standards in severe background noise and packet loss conditions
E Jokinen, J Lecomte, N Schinkel-Bielefeld, T Bäckström
2015 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2015
Energy Aware Modeling of Interchannel Level Difference Distortion Impact on Spatial Audio Perception
P Delgado, J Herre, A Taghipour, N Schinkel-Bielefeld
Audio Engineering Society Conference: 2018 AES International Conference on …, 2018
On the Effect of Inter-Channel Level Difference Distortions on the Perceived Subjective Quality of Stereo Signals
A Taghipour, N Schinkel-Bielefeld, A Kumar, P Delgado, J Herre
Audio Engineering Society Convention 144, 2018
Contour integration models predicting human behavior
N Schinkel-Bielefeld
University of Bremen, 2007
Audio Quality Evaluation in MUSHRA Tests–Influencesbetween Loop Setting and a Listeners’ Ratings
N Schinkel-Bielefeld
Audio Engineering Society Convention 142, 2017
How Much Is the Use of a Rating Scale by a Listener Influenced by Anchors and by the Listener's Experience?
N Schinkel-Bielefeld, AK Leschanowsky
Audio Engineering Society Convention 138, 2015
Quantifying sequential context effects in subjective quality evaluation
N Schinkel-Bielefeld
2014 Sixth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX …, 2014
On the Influence of Cultural Differences on the Perception of Audio Coding Artifacts in Music
S Dick, J Zhang, Y Qin, N Schinkel-Bielefeld, AK Leschanowsky, F Nagel
Audio Engineering Society Convention 145, 2018
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