Seoktae Kang
Seoktae Kang
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צוטט על ידי
Single-walled carbon nanotubes exhibit strong antimicrobial activity
S Kang, M Pinault, LD Pfefferle, M Elimelech
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Antibacterial effects of carbon nanotubes: size does matter!
S Kang, M Herzberg, DF Rodrigues, M Elimelech
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Sludge characteristics and their contribution to microfiltration in submerged membrane bioreactors
W Lee, S Kang, H Shin
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Physicochemical determinants of multiwalled carbon nanotube bacterial cytotoxicity
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Role of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) in biofouling of reverse osmosis membranes
M Herzberg, S Kang, M Elimelech
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Characteristics and fates of soluble microbial products in ceramic membrane bioreactor at various sludge retention times
HS Shin, ST Kang
Water Research 37 (1), 121-127, 2003
Protein antifouling mechanisms of PAN UF membranes incorporating PAN-g-PEO additive
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Bioinspired single bacterial cell force spectroscopy
S Kang, M Elimelech
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Ultrafiltration membranes incorporating amphiphilic comb copolymer additives prevent irreversible adhesion of bacteria
A Adout, S Kang, A Asatekin, AM Mayes, M Elimelech
Environmental science & technology 44 (7), 2406-2411, 2010
SWNT− MWNT hybrid filter attains high viral removal and bacterial inactivation
AS Brady-Estévez, MH Schnoor, S Kang, M Elimelech
Langmuir 26 (24), 19153-19158, 2010
Effect of surface hydrophobicity on the adhesion of S. cerevisiae onto modified surfaces by poly (styrene-ran-sulfonic acid) random copolymers
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Simultaneous high-strength organic and nitrogen removal with combined anaerobic upflow bed filter and aerobic membrane bioreactor
YT Ahn, ST Kang, SR Chae, CY Lee, BU Bae, HS Shin
Desalination 202 (1-3), 114-121, 2007
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