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Hannah Mossman
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Does managed coastal realignment create saltmarshes with ‘equivalent biological characteristics’ to natural reference sites?
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Colonization of a newly developing salt marsh: disentangling independent effects of elevation and redox potential on halophytes
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Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth’s tropical forests
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Constraints on salt marsh development following managed coastal realignment: dispersal limitation or environmental tolerance?
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Using in situ management to conserve biodiversity under climate change
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The biodiversity audit approach challenges regional priorities and identifies a mismatch in conservation
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Restored saltmarshes lack the topographic diversity found in natural habitat
PJ Lawrence, GR Smith, MJP Sullivan, HL Mossman
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Limited vegetation development on a created salt marsh associated with over-consolidated sediments and lack of topographic heterogeneity
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The gathering storm: optimizing management of coastal ecosystems in the face of a climate-driven threat
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Securing biodiversity in Breckland: guidance for conservation and research
PM Dolman, C Panter, HL Mossman
First report of the Breckland biodiversity audit, 2010
Modelling biodiversity distribution in agricultural landscapes to support ecological network planning
HL Mossman, CJ Panter, PM Dolman
Landscape and Urban Planning 141, 59-67, 2015
Quantifying local variation in tidal regime using depth-logging fish tags
HL Mossman, AJ Davy, A Grant
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Is saltmarsh restoration success constrained by matching natural environments or altered succession? A test using niche models
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An anthropogenic habitat facilitates the establishment of non-native birds by providing underexploited resources
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Manipulating saltmarsh microtopography modulates the effects of elevation on sediment redox potential and halophyte distribution
HL Mossman, A Grant, AJ Davy
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Fens biodiversity audit
H Mossman, C Panter, P Dolman
University of East Anglia, Norwich, 2012
Comparison of acoustic and traditional point count methods to assess bird diversity and composition in the Aberdare National Park, Kenya
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Development of saltmarsh vegetation in response to coastal realignment
HL Mossman
University of East Anglia, 2007
The importance of Breckland for biodiversity
P Dolman, H Mossman, C Panter, N Armour-Chelu, B Nichols, ...
British Wildlife 22 (4), 229, 2011
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