Yasmine Meroz
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צוטט על ידי
A toolbox for determining subdiffusive mechanisms
Y Meroz, IM Sokolov
Physics Reports 573, 1-29, 2015
Photosynthetic artificial organelles sustain and control ATP-dependent reactions in a protocellular system
KY Lee, SJ Park, KA Lee, SH Kim, H Kim, Y Meroz, L Mahadevan, ...
Nature biotechnology 36 (6), 530-535, 2018
Subdiffusion of mixed origins: when ergodicity and nonergodicity coexist
Y Meroz, IM Sokolov, J Klafter
Physical Review E 81 (1), 010101, 2010
Test for determining a subdiffusive model in ergodic systems from single trajectories
Y Meroz, IM Sokolov, J Klafter
Physical review letters 110 (9), 090601, 2013
Directional memory arises from long-lived cytoskeletal asymmetries in polarized chemotactic cells
HV Prentice-Mott, Y Meroz, A Carlson, MA Levine, MW Davidson, D Irimia, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (5), 1267-1272, 2016
Neuromimetic Circuits with Synaptic Devices Based on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
SD Ha, J Shi, Y Meroz, L Mahadevan, S Ramanathan
Phys. Rev. Applied 2, 064003, 2014
The kinematics of plant nutation reveals a simple relation between curvature and the orientation of differential growth
R Bastien, Y Meroz
PLoS computational biology 12 (12), e1005238, 2016
Unequal Twins: Probability distributions do not determine everything
Y Meroz, IM Sokolov, J Klafter
Physical review letters 107 (26), 260601, 2011
Facilitated diffusion in a crowded environment: from kinetics to stochastics
Y Meroz, I Eliazar, J Klafter
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 42 (43), 434012, 2009
Distribution of first-passage times to specific targets on compactly explored fractal structures
Y Meroz, IM Sokolov, J Klafter
Physical Review E 83 (2), 020104, 2011
Functional representation of enzymes by specific peptides
V Kunik, Y Meroz, Z Solan, B Sandbank, U Weingart, E Ruppin, D Horn
PLoS computational biology 3 (8), e167, 2007
Classification of Protein Sequences and Uses of Classified Proteins
D Horn, E Ruppin, V Kunik, Z Solan, B Sandbank, Y Meroz, U Weinbart
US Patent App. 12/227,183, 2013
Memory Effects in the Electron Glass
Y Meroz, Y Oreg, Y Imry
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 105 (3), 2014
Spatio-temporal integration in plant tropisms
Y Meroz, R Bastien, L Mahadevan
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (154), 20190038, 2019
Coexisting origins of subdiffusion in internal dynamics of proteins
Y Meroz, V Ovchinnikov, M Karplus
Physical Review E 95 (6), 062403, 2017
A general 3d model for growth dynamics of sensory-growth systems: From plants to robotics
A Porat, F Tedone, M Palladino, P Marcati, Y Meroz
Frontiers in Robotics and AI 7, 89, 2020
Characterizing gibberellin flow in planta using photocaged gibberellins
S Wexler, H Schayek, K Rajendar, I Tal, E Shani, Y Meroz, R Dobrovetsky, ...
Chemical science 10 (5), 1500-1505, 2019
Biological roles of specific peptides in enzymes
Y Meroz, D Horn
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 72 (2), 606-612, 2008
Stochastic processes in gravitropism
Y Meroz, R Bastien
Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 674, 2014
Correlations within polyprotein forced unfolding dwell-times introduce sequential dependency
E Chetrit, Y Meroz, Z Klausner, R Berkovich
Journal of structural biology 210 (3), 107495, 2020
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