Hannah Noa Barad
Hannah Noa Barad
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All-oxide photovoltaics
S Ruhle, AY Anderson, HN Barad, B Kupfer, Y Bouhadana, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 3 (24), 3755-3764, 2012
TiO2/Cu2O all-oxide heterojunction solar cells produced by spray pyrolysis
M Pavan, S Rühle, A Ginsburg, DA Keller, HN Barad, PM Sberna, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 132, 549-556, 2015
Quantum Efficiency and bandgap analysis for combinatorial photovoltaics: sorting activity of Cu–O compounds in all-oxide device libraries
AY Anderson, Y Bouhadana, HN Barad, B Kupfer, E Rosh-Hodesh, H Aviv, ...
ACS combinatorial science 16 (2), 53-65, 2014
Thin Film Co3O4/TiO2 Heterojunction Solar Cells
B Kupfer, K Majhi, DA Keller, Y Bouhadana, S Rühle, HN Barad, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (1), 1401007, 2015
Illumination intensity-dependent electronic properties in quantum dot sensitized solar cells
M Shalom, Z Tachan, Y Bouhadana, HN Barad, A Zaban
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2 (16), 1998-2003, 2011
Combinatorial solar cell libraries for the investigation of different metal back contacts for TiO 2–Cu 2 O hetero-junction solar cells
S Rühle, HN Barad, Y Bouhadana, DA Keller, A Ginsburg, K Shimanovich, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (15), 7066-7073, 2014
Strong Efficiency Enhancement of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using a La-Modified TiCl4 Treatment of Mesoporous TiO2 Electrodes
S Yahav, S Rühle, S Greenwald, HN Barad, M Shalom, A Zaban
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (43), 21481-21486, 2011
Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools for Combinatorial Material Science of All‐Oxide Photovoltaic Cells
A Yosipof, OE Nahum, AY Anderson, HN Barad, A Zaban, H Senderowitz
Molecular informatics 34 (6‐7), 367-379, 2015
Direct Imaging of the Recombination/Reduction Sites in Porous TiO2 Electrodes
R Gottesman, S Tirosh, HN Barad, A Zaban
The journal of physical chemistry letters 4 (17), 2822-2828, 2013
One-step synthesis of crystalline Mn2O3 thin film by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
A Ginsburg, DA Keller, HN Barad, K Rietwyk, Y Bouhadana, A Anderson, ...
Thin Solid Films 615, 261-264, 2016
Utilizing pulsed laser deposition lateral inhomogeneity as a tool in combinatorial material science
DA Keller, A Ginsburg, HN Barad, K Shimanovich, Y Bouhadana, ...
ACS combinatorial science 17 (4), 209-216, 2015
Hot Electron‐Based Solid State TiO2|Ag Solar Cells
HN Barad, A Ginsburg, H Cohen, KJ Rietwyk, DA Keller, S Tirosh, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 3 (7), 1500789, 2016
Co3O4 Based All-Oxide PV: A Numerical Simulation Analyzed Combinatorial Material Science Study
K Majhi, L Bertoluzzi, DA Keller, HN Barad, A Ginsburg, AY Anderson, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (17), 9053-9060, 2016
Effect of Spinel Inversion on (CoxFe1−x)3O4 All‐Oxide Solar Cell Performance
Z Yan, DA Keller, KJ Rietwyk, HN Barad, K Majhi, A Ginsburg, ...
Energy Technology 4 (7), 809-815, 2016
A combined computational and experimental investigation of Mg doped α-Fe 2 O 3
M Kosa, HN Barad, V Singh, DA Keller, K Shimanovich, S Rühle, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (2), 781-791, 2016
Solid state ITO| Au-NPs| TiO2 plasmonic based solar cells
A Ginsburg, M Priel, HN Barad, DA Keller, E Borvick, K Rietwyk, A Kama, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 179, 254-259, 2018
Can fluorine-doped tin Oxide, FTO, be more like indium-doped tin oxide, ITO? Reducing FTO surface roughness by introducing additional SnO2 coating
DA Keller, HN Barad, E Rosh-Hodesh, A Zaban, D Cahen
MRS Communications 8 (3), 1358-1362, 2018
Oxygen concentration as a combinatorial parameter: The effect of continuous oxygen vacancy variation on SnO2 layer conductivity
DA Keller, HN Barad, KJ Rietwyk, A Ginsburg, E Borvick, M Priel, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 208, 289-293, 2018
Process-function data mining for the discovery of solid-state iron-oxide PV
E Borvick, AY Anderson, HN Barad, M Priel, DA Keller, A Ginsburg, ...
ACS combinatorial science 19 (12), 755-762, 2017
High‐Throughput Electrical Potential Depth‐Profiling in Air
KJ Rietwyk, DA Keller, K Majhi, A Ginsburg, M Priel, HN Barad, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (16), 1700136, 2017
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