Ali Kemal Sekizkardes
Ali Kemal Sekizkardes
National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Deptartment of Energy
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A 2D mesoporous imine-linked covalent organic framework for high pressure gas storage applications
MG Rabbani, AK Sekizkardes, Z Kahveci, TE Reich, R Ding, HM El-Kaderi
Chem. Eur. J 19 (10), 3324-3328, 2013
Copper (I)-catalyzed synthesis of nanoporous azo-linked polymers: impact of textural properties on gas storage and selective carbon dioxide capture
P Arab, MG Rabbani, AK Sekizkardes, T İslamoğlu, HM El-Kaderi
Chemistry of Materials 26 (3), 1385-1392, 2014
Exceptional gas adsorption properties by nitrogen-doped porous carbons derived from benzimidazole-linked polymers
B Ashourirad, AK Sekizkardes, S Altarawneh, HM El-Kaderi
Chemistry of Materials 27 (4), 1349-1358, 2015
Highly Selective CO2 Capture by Triazine-Based Benzimidazole-Linked Polymers
AK Sekizkardes, S Altarawneh, Z Kahveci, T İslamoğlu, HM El-Kaderi
Macromolecules 47 (23), 8328-8334, 2014
Pyrene-directed growth of nanoporous benzimidazole-linked nanofibers and their application to selective CO 2 capture and separation
MG Rabbani, AK Sekizkardes, OM El-Kadri, BR Kaafarani, HM El-Kaderi
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (48), 25409-25417, 2012
Application of pyrene-derived benzimidazole-linked polymers to CO 2 separation under pressure and vacuum swing adsorption settings
AK Sekizkardes, T İslamoğlu, Z Kahveci, HM El-Kaderi
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (31), 12492-12500, 2014
An ultra-microporous organic polymer for high performance carbon dioxide capture and separation
AK Sekizkardes, JT Culp, T Islamoglu, A Marti, D Hopkinson, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (69), 13393-13396, 2015
Continuous Flow Processing of ZIF-8 Membranes on Polymeric Porous Hollow Fiber Supports for CO2 Capture
AM Marti, W Wickramanayake, G Dahe, A Sekizkardes, TL Bank, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (7), 5678-5682, 2017
Separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas by mixed matrix membranes using dual phase microporous polymeric constituents
Ali K. Sekizkardes, Victor A. Kusuma, Ganpat Dahe, Elliot A. Roth, Lawrence ...
Chemical Communications, 2016
Grafting PMMA brushes from α-alumina nanoparticles via SI-ATRP
A Khabibullin, K Bhangaonkar, C Mahoney, Z Lu, M Schmitt, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (8), 5458-5465, 2016
Effect of Acid-Catalyzed Formation Rates of Benzimidazole-Linked Polymers on Porosity and Selective CO2 Capture from Gas Mixtures
S Altarawneh, T İslamoğlu, AK Sekizkardes, HM El-Kaderi
Environmental science & technology 49 (7), 4715-4723, 2015
Microporous polymeric composite membranes with advanced film properties: pore intercalation yields excellent CO 2 separation performance
AK Sekizkardes, VA Kusuma, JS McNally, DW Gidley, K Resnik, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (45), 22472-22477, 2018
Ionic cross-linked polyether and silica gel mixed matrix membranes for CO2 separation from flue gas
AK Sekizkardes, X Zhou, HB Nulwala, D Hopkinson, SR Venna
Separation and Purification Technology 191, 301-306, 2018
Incorporation of benzimidazole linked polymers into Matrimid to yield mixed matrix membranes with enhanced CO2/N2 selectivity
TDM Tessema, SR Venna, G Dahe, DP Hopkinson, HM El-Kaderi, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 554, 90-96, 2018
Highly porous photoluminescent diazaborole-linked polymers: synthesis, characterization, and application to selective gas adsorption
Z Kahveci, AK Sekizkardes, RK Arvapally, L Wilder, HM El-Kaderi
Polymer Chemistry 8 (16), 2509-2515, 2017
Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity Chemical Sorbents Utilizing Primary Amine Appendance Through Acid–Base and Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions
AK Sekizkardes, S Hammache, JS Hoffman, D Hopkinson
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (34), 30987-30991, 2019
Mixed Matrix Membranes from a Microporous Polymer Blend and Nanosized Metal–Organic Frameworks with Exceptional CO2/N2 Separation Performance
PF Muldoon, SR Venna, DW Gidley, JS Baker, L Zhu, Z Tong, F Xiang, ...
ACS Materials Letters 2 (7), 821-828, 2020
Custom Formulation of Multicomponent Mixed-Matrix Membranes for Efficient Post-combustion Carbon Capture
SK Elsaidi, S Venna, AK Sekizkardes, JA Steckel, MH Mohamed, J Baker, ...
Cell Reports Physical Science 1 (7), 100113, 2020
Recent Developments in High-Performance Membranes for CO2 Separation
Z Tong, AK Sekizkardes
Membranes 11 (2), 156, 2021
Integrated Computational Screening and Design of Polymers for Post-combustion Carbon Capture
W Shi, A Tran, S Tiwari, S Budhathoki, J Steckel, AK Sekizkardes, S Yi, ...
National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, WV …, 2020
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