Philip Bresnahan
Philip Bresnahan
Assistant Professor, UNC Wilmington
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Best practices for autonomous measurement of seawater pH with the Honeywell Durafet
PJ Bresnahan Jr, TR Martz, Y Takeshita, KS Johnson, M LaShomb
Methods in Oceanography 9, 44-60, 2014
Short-term spatial and temporal carbonate chemistry variability in two contrasting seagrass meadows: implications for pH buffering capacities
T Cyronak, AJ Andersson, S D’Angelo, P Bresnahan, C Davidson, ...
Estuaries and Coasts 41 (5), 1282-1296, 2018
Dynamic variability of biogeochemical ratios in the Southern California Current System
T Martz, U Send, MD Ohman, Y Takeshita, P Bresnahan, HJ Kim, SH Nam
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A sensor package for mapping pH and oxygen from mobile platforms
PJ Bresnahan, T Wirth, TR Martz, AJ Andersson, T Cyronak, S D'Angelo, ...
methods in Oceanography 17, 1-13, 2016
Expanding aquatic observations through recreation
RJW Brewin, K Hyder, AJ Andersson, O Billson, PJ Bresnahan, TG Brewin, ...
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Advancing ocean acidification biology using durafet® pH electrodes
L Kapsenberg, EE Bockmon, PJ Bresnahan, KJ Kroeker, JP Gattuso, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 321, 2017
An enhanced ocean acidification observing network: from people to technology to data synthesis and information exchange
B Tilbrook, EB Jewett, MD DeGrandpre, JM Hernandez-Ayon, RA Feely, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 337, 2019
Tracer monitored titrations: measurement of dissolved oxygen
T Martz, Y Takeshita, R Rolph, P Bresnahan
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Gas diffusion cell geometry for a microfluidic dissolved inorganic carbon analyzer
PJ Bresnahan, TR Martz
IEEE Sensors Journal 18 (6), 2211-2217, 2018
Engineering a Smartfin for surf-zone oceanography
PJ Bresnahan, T Cyronak, T Martz, A Andersson, S Waters, A Stern, ...
OCEANS 2017-Anchorage, 1-4, 2017
Comparison of two methods for measuring sea surface temperature when surfing
RJW Brewin, T Cyronak, PJ Bresnahan, AJ Andersson, J Richard, ...
Oceans 1 (1), 6-26, 2020
Perspectives on in situ sensors for ocean acidification research
A Sastri, JR Christian, EP Achterberg, D Atamanchuk, JJH Buck, ...
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Looking ahead: a profiling float micro-rosette
P Bresnahan, T Martz, J deAlmeida, B Ward, PD Maguire
Oceanography 30 (2), 32-32, 2017
Development and application of in situ marine inorganic carbon sensors: Quantifying change at high spatiotemporal resolution in the anthropocene
PJ Bresnahan
UC San Diego, 2015
Equipping smart coasts with marine water quality IoT sensors
PJ Bresnahan, T Wirth, T Martz, K Shipley, V Rowley, C Anderson, ...
Results in Engineering 5, 100087, 2020
Automating Coastal Citizen Science with a High-Tech Surfboard Fin: the Smartfin
PJ Bresnahan, TR Martz, T Cyronak, AJ Andersson, RJW Brewin, ...
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
Stability of Tris pH buffer in artificial seawater stored in bags
W Wolfe, K Shipley, Y Takeshita, PJ Bresnahan, T Wirth, TR Martz
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
Citizen oceanography: crowdsourcing ocean data collection in a sea of new technologies
PJ Bresnahan, T Cyronak, RJW Brewin
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018
Surfing with Smartfin for Coastal Research and Science Communication
P Bresnahan, T Cyronak, RJW Brewin, TR Martz, AJ Andersson, A Stern, ...
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