Simon Turner
Simon Turner
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Identification of novel genes in Arabidopsis involved in secondary cell wall formation using expression profiling and reverse genetics
DM Brown, LAH Zeef, J Ellis, R Goodacre, SR Turner
The Plant Cell 17 (8), 2281-2295, 2005
Interactions among three distinct CesA proteins essential for cellulose synthesis
NG Taylor, RM Howells, AK Huttly, K Vickers, SR Turner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (3), 1450-1455, 2003
Collapsed xylem phenotype of Arabidopsis identifies mutants deficient in cellulose deposition in the secondary cell wall.
SR Turner, CR Somerville
The plant cell 9 (5), 689-701, 1997
The irregular xylem3 locus of Arabidopsis encodes a cellulose synthase required for secondary cell wall synthesis
NG Taylor, WR Scheible, S Cutler, CR Somerville, SR Turner
The plant cell 11 (5), 769-779, 1999
An oleate 12-hydroxylase from Ricinus communis L. is a fatty acyl desaturase homolog
FJ Van De Loo, P Broun, S Turner, C Somerville
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 92 (15), 6743-6747, 1995
Cloning and characterization of irregular xylem4 (irx4): a severely lignin‐deficient mutant of Arabidopsis
L Jones, AR Ennos, SR Turner
The Plant Journal 26 (2), 205-216, 2001
Multiple cellulose synthase catalytic subunits are required for cellulose synthesis in Arabidopsis
NG Taylor, S Laurie, SR Turner
The plant cell 12 (12), 2529-2539, 2000
Comparison of five xylan synthesis mutants reveals new insight into the mechanisms of xylan synthesis
DM Brown, F Goubet, VW Wong, R Goodacre, E Stephens, P Dupree, ...
The Plant Journal 52 (6), 1154-1168, 2007
PXY, a receptor-like kinase essential for maintaining polarity during plant vascular-tissue development
K Fisher, S Turner
Current Biology 17 (12), 1061-1066, 2007
Characterization of IRX10 and IRX10‐like reveals an essential role in glucuronoxylan biosynthesis in Arabidopsis
DM Brown, Z Zhang, E Stephens, P Dupree, SR Turner
The Plant Journal 57 (4), 732-746, 2009
The PXY-CLE41 receptor ligand pair defines a multifunctional pathway that controls the rate and orientation of vascular cell division
JP Etchells, SR Turner
Development 137 (5), 767-774, 2010
Control of cellulose synthase complex localization in developing xylem
JC Gardiner, NG Taylor, SR Turner
The plant cell 15 (8), 1740-1748, 2003
Absence of branches from xylan in Arabidopsis gux mutants reveals potential for simplification of lignocellulosic biomass
JC Mortimer, GP Miles, DM Brown, Z Zhang, MP Segura, T Weimar, X Yu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (40), 17409-17414, 2010
BOTERO1 is required for normal orientation of cortical microtubules and anisotropic cell expansion in Arabidopsis
A Bichet, T Desnos, S Turner, O Grandjean, H Höfte
The Plant Journal 25 (2), 137-148, 2001
Tracheary element differentiation
S Turner, P Gallois, D Brown
Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 58, 407-433, 2007
The irregular xylem 2 mutant is an allele of korrigan that affects the secondary cell wall of Arabidopsis thaliana
PMJ Szyjanowicz, I McKinnon, NG Taylor, J Gardiner, MC Jarvis, ...
The Plant Journal 37 (5), 730-740, 2004
Arabidopsis–a powerful model system for plant cell wall research
AH Liepman, R Wightman, N Geshi, SR Turner, HV Scheller
The Plant Journal 61 (6), 1107-1121, 2010
WOX4 and WOX14 act downstream of the PXY receptor kinase to regulate plant vascular proliferation independently of any role in vascular organisation
JP Etchells, CM Provost, L Mishra, SR Turner
Development 140 (10), 2224-2234, 2013
Secondary cell walls: biosynthesis and manipulation
M Kumar, L Campbell, S Turner
Journal of experimental botany 67 (2), 515-531, 2016
The roles of the cytoskeleton during cellulose deposition at the secondary cell wall
R Wightman, SR Turner
The Plant Journal 54 (5), 794-805, 2008
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