Tristan Biard
Tristan Biard
Assistant Professor, Oceanology & Geosciences Lab
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In situ imaging reveals the biomass of giant protists in the global ocean
T Biard, L Stemmann, M Picheral, N Mayot, P Vandromme, H Hauss, ...
Nature 532 (7600), 504-507, 2016
Brandtodinium gen. nov. and B. nutricula comb. Nov. (Dinophyceae), a dinoflagellate commonly found in symbiosis with polycystine radiolarians
I Probert, R Siano, C Poirier, J Decelle, T Biard, A Tuji, N Suzuki, F Not
Journal of phycology 50 (2), 388-399, 2014
Biogeography and diversity of Collodaria (Radiolaria) in the global ocean
T Biard, E Bigeard, S Audic, J Poulain, A Gutierrez-Rodriguez, S Pesant, ...
The ISME journal 11 (6), 1331-1344, 2017
Community‐level responses to iron availability in open ocean plankton ecosystems
L Caputi, Q Carradec, D Eveillard, A Kirilovsky, E Pelletier, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 33 (3), 391-419, 2019
Towards an integrative morpho-molecular classification of the Collodaria (Polycystinea, Radiolaria)
T Biard, L Pillet, J Decelle, C Poirier, N Suzuki, F Not
Protist 166 (3), 374-388, 2015
High contribution of Rhizaria (Radiolaria) to vertical export in the California Current Ecosystem revealed by DNA metabarcoding
A Gutierrez-Rodriguez, MR Stukel, AL Dos Santos, T Biard, R Scharek, ...
The ISME journal 13 (4), 964-976, 2019
Large Phaeodaria in the twilight zone: Their role in the carbon cycle
MR Stukel, T Biard, J Krause, MD Ohman
Limnology and Oceanography 63 (6), 2579-2594, 2018
The significance of giant phaeodarians (Rhizaria) to biogenic silica export in the california current ecosystem
T Biard, JW Krause, MR Stukel, MD Ohman
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 32 (6), 987-1004, 2018
Mare Incognitum: A glimpse into future plankton diversity and ecology research
G Chust, M Vogt, F Benedetti, T Nakov, S Villéger, A Aubert, SM Vallina, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 68, 2017
Dimethylated sulfur compounds in symbiotic protists: A potentially significant source for marine DMS (P)
A Gutierrez‐Rodriguez, L Pillet, T Biard, W Said‐Ahmad, A Amrani, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 62 (3), 1139-1154, 2017
Vertical niche definition of test-bearing protists (Rhizaria) into the twilight zone revealed by in situ imaging
T Biard, M Ohman
Limnology and Oceanography, 2020
The roles of suspension-feeding and flux-feeding zooplankton as gatekeepers of particle flux into the mesopelagic ocean in the Northeast Pacific
MR Stukel, MD Ohman, TB Kelly, T Biard
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 397, 2019
Time calibrated morpho-molecular classification of Nassellaria (Radiolaria)
MM Sandin, L Pillet, T Biard, C Poirier, E Bigeard, S Romac, N Suzuki, ...
Protist 170 (2), 187-208, 2019
Diversité, biogéographie et écologie des Collodaires (Radiolaires) dans l'océan mondial
T Biard
Paris 6, 2015
Morpho-molecular diversity and evolutionary analyses suggest hidden life styles in Spumellaria (Radiolaria)
MM Sandin, T Biard, S Romac, L O’Dogherty, N Suzuki, F Not
bioRxiv, 2020
Typology of Plankton Communities seen by In Situ Imaging, from the Epi to the Mesopelagic Layers of the Global Ocean
T Panaiotis, M Babin, T Biard, F Carlotti, L Coppola, L Guidi, H Hauss, ...
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
Unravelling the Contribution of Large Phaeodaria (Rhizaria) to Silicon Fluxes: Insights from the California Current Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research Site
T Biard, JW Krause, MR Stukel, MD Ohman
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018
Detecting Ocean Fronts in the California Current Ecosystem: A Comparison of the Free-fall Moving Vessel Profiler and Underwater Vision Profiler
MD Ohman, T Biard
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018
Global in situ imaging of large plankton and particles by the Underwater Vision Profiler in the upper kilometre of all oceans
L Stemmann, F Lombard, L Guidi, L Coppola, JO Irisson, M Picheral, ...
2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018
Mare Incognitum: A Glimpse into Future Plankton Diversity and Ecology Research
C Solidoro, JM Weslawski, JM Riascos, MR D’Alcala, G Chust, G Chust, ...
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