Haskel Greenfield
Haskel Greenfield
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צוטט על ידי
The origins of metallurgy: distinguishing stone from metal cut-marks on bones from archaeological sites
HJ Greenfield
Journal of archaeological science 26 (7), 797-808, 1999
The Secondary Products Revolution: the past, the present and the future
HJ Greenfield
World Archaeology 42 (1), 29-54, 2010
The origins of milk and wool production in the Old World: a zooarchaeological perspective from the Central Balkans [and comments]
HJ Greenfield, J Chapman, AT Clason, AS Gilbert, B Hesse, ...
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Slicing cut marks on animal bones: diagnostics for identifying stone tool type and raw material
HJ Greenfield
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Special studies: bone consumption by pigs in a contemporary Serbian village: implications for the interpretation of prehistoric faunal assemblages
HJ Greenfield
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Absolute age and tooth eruption and wear sequences in sheep and goat: determining age-at-death in zooarchaeology using a modern control sample
HJ Greenfield, ER Arnold
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HJ Greenfield
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A reconsideration of the secondary products revolution in south-eastern Europe: on the origins and use of domestic animals for milk, wool, and traction in the central Balkans
HJ Greenfield
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Sexing fragmentary ungulate acetabulae
HJ Greenfield
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Fauna from the Late Neolithic of the Central Balkans: issues in subsistence and land use
HJ Greenfield
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The advent of transhumant pastoralism in the temperate southeast Europe: a zooarchaeological perspective from the Central Balkans
HJ Greenfield
Transhumant Pastoralism in Southeastern Europe: Recent Perspectives from …, 1999
Being an “ass”: an Early Bronze Age burial of a donkey from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel
HJ Greenfield, I Shai, A Maeir
Bioarchaeology of the Near East 6, 21-52, 2012
Intra-settlement social and economic organization of Ear4 Iron Age farming communities in southern Afiica: a viewfiom Ndondondwane
HJ Greenfield, L Schalkwyk
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa 38 (1), 121-137, 2003
The Early Bronze Age Remains at Tell eṣ-Ṣāfi/Gath: An Interim Report
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Tel Aviv 41 (1), 20-49, 2014
The organization of animal production in an early urban center: the zooarchaeological evidence from Early Bronze Age Titriş Höyük, southeast Turkey
A Allentuck, HJ Greenfield
Oxbow books, 2010
Distinguishing metal (steel and low-tin bronze) from stone (flint and obsidian) tool cut marks on bone: an experimental approach
HJ Greenfield
Experimental archaeology: replicating past objects, behaviors, and processes …, 2002
Spatial patterning of Early Iron Age metal production at Ndondondwane, South Africa: the question of cultural continuity between the Early and Late Iron Ages
HJ Greenfield, D Miller
Journal of Archaeological Science 31 (11), 1511-1532, 2004
The origins of metallurgy in the central Balkans based on the analysis of cut marks on animal bones
HJ Greenfield
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The effects of burrowing activity on archaeological sites: Ndondondwane, South Africa
KD Fowler, HJ Greenfield, LO van Schalkwyk
Geoarchaeology: An International Journal 19 (5), 441-470, 2004
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