Sharon C. Glotzer
Sharon C. Glotzer
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Anisotropy of building blocks and their assembly into complex structures
SC Glotzer, MJ Solomon
Nature materials 6 (8), 557-562, 2007
Stringlike cooperative motion in a supercooled liquid
C Donati, JF Douglas, W Kob, SJ Plimpton, PH Poole, SC Glotzer
Physical review letters 80 (11), 2338, 1998
Dynamical heterogeneities in a supercooled Lennard-Jones liquid
W Kob, C Donati, SJ Plimpton, PH Poole, SC Glotzer
Physical review letters 79 (15), 2827, 1997
Self-assembly of CdTe nanocrystals into free-floating sheets
Z Tang, Z Zhang, Y Wang, SC Glotzer, NA Kotov
Science 314 (5797), 274-278, 2006
Predictive self-assembly of polyhedra into complex structures
PF Damasceno, M Engel, SC Glotzer
Science 337 (6093), 453-457, 2012
Self-assembly of patchy particles
Z Zhang, SC Glotzer
Nano letters 4 (8), 1407-1413, 2004
Coarse-graining of condensed phase and biomolecular systems
GA Voth
CRC press, 2008
Spatial correlations of mobility and immobility in a glass-forming Lennard-Jones liquid
C Donati, SC Glotzer, PH Poole, W Kob, SJ Plimpton
Physical Review E 60 (3), 3107, 1999
Molecular dynamics simulation of a polymer melt with a nanoscopic particle
FW Starr, TB Schrøder, SC Glotzer
Macromolecules 35 (11), 4481-4492, 2002
Strong scaling of general-purpose molecular dynamics simulations on GPUs
J Glaser, TD Nguyen, JA Anderson, P Lui, F Spiga, JA Millan, DC Morse, ...
Computer Physics Communications 192, 97-107, 2015
Spatially heterogeneous dynamics in liquids: insights from simulation
SC Glotzer
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 274 (1-3), 342-355, 2000
Spatially heterogeneous dynamics investigated via a time-dependent four-point density correlation function
N Lačević, FW Starr, TB Schrøder, SC Glotzer
The Journal of chemical physics 119 (14), 7372-7387, 2003
Self-assembly of self-limiting monodisperse supraparticles from polydisperse nanoparticles
Y Xia, TD Nguyen, M Yang, B Lee, A Santos, P Podsiadlo, Z Tang, ...
Nature nanotechnology 6 (9), 580-587, 2011
Growing range of correlated motion in a polymer melt on cooling towards the glass transition
C Bennemann, C Donati, J Baschnagel, SC Glotzer
Nature 399 (6733), 246-249, 1999
Measurement of growing dynamical length scales and prediction of the jamming transition in a granular material
AS Keys, AR Abate, SC Glotzer, DJ Durian
Nature physics 3 (4), 260-264, 2007
Some assembly required
SC Glotzer
Science 306 (5695), 419-420, 2004
Disordered, quasicrystalline and crystalline phases of densely packed tetrahedra
A Haji-Akbari, M Engel, AS Keys, X Zheng, RG Petschek, ...
Nature 462 (7274), 773-777, 2009
A kirigami approach to engineering elasticity in nanocomposites through patterned defects
TC Shyu, PF Damasceno, PM Dodd, A Lamoureux, L Xu, M Shlian, ...
Nature materials 14 (8), 785-789, 2015
Tethered nano building blocks: Toward a conceptual framework for nanoparticle self-assembly
Z Zhang, MA Horsch, MH Lamm, SC Glotzer
Nano Letters 3 (10), 1341-1346, 2003
Light-controlled self-assembly of semiconductor nanoparticles into twisted ribbons
S Srivastava, A Santos, K Critchley, KS Kim, P Podsiadlo, K Sun, J Lee, ...
Science 327 (5971), 1355-1359, 2010
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