Orly kayam
Orly kayam
Head of the language & Literacy, rhetoric expert, Director Center for Learning Disorders
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
The readability and simplicity of Donald Trump’s language
O Kayam
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Using social media networks to conduct questionnaire based research in social studies case study: Family language policy
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O Kayam
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O Kayam
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O Kayam
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O Kayam
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O Kayam
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T Hirsch, O Kayam
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Ethiopian Jewish men: Language and culture
O Kayam
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O Kayam
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French Journal for Media Research, http://frenchjournalformediaresearch. com …, 2014
Freedom of Speech? Israeli Supreme Court Ruling 606/93-Kidum Initiative Inc. versus the Israel Broadcasting Authority. A Rhetorical Language Analysis
O Kayam, Y Galily
Psychology of Language and Communication 16 (1), 67, 2012
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