Yuri Saalmann
Yuri Saalmann
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צוטט על ידי
The pulvinar regulates information transmission between cortical areas based on attention demands
YB Saalmann, MA Pinsk, L Wang, X Li, S Kastner
Science 337 (6095), 753-756, 2012
Neural mechanisms of visual attention: how top-down feedback highlights relevant locations
YB Saalmann, IN Pigarev, TR Vidyasagar
Science 316 (5831), 1612-1615, 2007
Cognitive and perceptual functions of the visual thalamus
YB Saalmann, S Kastner
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Rhythmic sampling within and between objects despite sustained attention at a cued location
IC Fiebelkorn, YB Saalmann, S Kastner
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Intralaminar and medial thalamic influence on cortical synchrony, information transmission and cognition
YB Saalmann
Frontiers in systems neuroscience 8, 83, 2014
Gain control in the visual thalamus during perception and cognition
YB Saalmann, S Kastner
Current opinion in neurobiology 19 (4), 408-414, 2009
Electrophysiological low-frequency coherence and cross-frequency coupling contribute to BOLD connectivity
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Functional and structural architecture of the human dorsal frontoparietal attention network
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Cellular Distribution of the GABAA Receptor‐Modulating 3α‐Hydroxy, 5α‐Reduced Pregnane Steroids in the Adult Rat Brain
YB Saalmann, MTK Kirkcaldie, S Waldron, MB Calford
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Segregation of short‐wavelength‐sensitive (S) cone signals in the macaque dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus
S Roy, J Jayakumar, PR Martin, B Dreher, YB Saalmann, D Hu, ...
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The cognitive thalamus
YB Saalmann, S Kastner
Frontiers in systems neuroscience 9, 39, 2015
Spontaneous neural dynamics and multi-scale network organization
BL Foster, BJ He, CJ Honey, K Jerbi, A Maier, YB Saalmann
Frontiers in systems neuroscience 10, 7, 2016
Thalamus modulates consciousness via layer-specific control of cortex
MJ Redinbaugh, JM Phillips, NA Kambi, S Mohanta, S Andryk, GL Dooley, ...
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A minimally invasive and reversible system for chronic recordings from multiple brain sites in macaque monkeys
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A subcortical pathway for rapid, goal-driven, attentional filtering
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Neurosteroids involved in regulating inhibition in the inferior colliculus
YB Saalmann, IG Morgan, MB Calford
Journal of neurophysiology 96 (6), 3064-3073, 2006
Marginal Women, Marginal Rights: Impediments to gender-based persecution claims by asylum-seeking women in Australia
M McPherson, LS Horowitz, D Lusher, S Di Giglio, LE Greenacre, ...
Journal of Refugee Studies 24 (2), 323-347, 2011
Temporal dynamics and response modulation across the human visual system in a spatial attention task: An ECoG study
AB Martin, X Yang, YB Saalmann, L Wang, A Shestyuk, JJ Lin, J Parvizi, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 39 (2), 333-352, 2019
Human fronto-parietal and parieto-hippocampal pathways represent behavioral priorities in multiple spatial reference frames
SM Szczepanski, YB Saalmann
Bioarchitecture 3 (5), 147-152, 2013
A role for the pulvinar in social cognition (Commentary on Nguyen et al.)
YB Saalmann, S Kastner
European Journal of Neuroscience 37 (1), 33-34, 2013
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