Jesse W. Breinholt
Jesse W. Breinholt
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צוטט על ידי
Phylogenomics provides strong evidence for relationships of butterflies and moths
AY Kawahara, JW Breinholt
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281 (1788), 1471-2954, 2014
A comprehensive and dated phylogenomic analysis of butterflies
M Espeland, J Breinholt, KR Willmott, AD Warren, R Vila, EFA Toussaint, ...
Current Biology 28 (5), 770-778. e5, 2018
The emergence of lobsters: phylogenetic relationships, morphological evolution and divergence time comparisons of an ancient group (Decapoda: Achelata, Astacidea, Glypheidea …
HD Bracken-Grissom, ST Ahyong, RD Wilkinson, RM Feldmann, ...
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Phylotranscriptomics: saturated third codon positions radically influence the estimation of trees based on next-gen data
JW Breinholt, AY Kawahara
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Evidence for common horizontal transmission of Wolbachia among butterflies and moths
MZ Ahmed, JW Breinholt, AY Kawahara
BMC evolutionary biology 16 (1), 1-16, 2016
Phylogenomics reveals the evolutionary timing and pattern of butterflies and moths
AY Kawahara, D Plotkin, M Espeland, K Meusemann, EFA Toussaint, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (45), 22657-22663, 2019
Resolving relationships among the megadiverse butterflies and moths with a novel pipeline for anchored phylogenomics
JW Breinholt, C Earl, AR Lemmon, EM Lemmon, L Xiao, AY Kawahara
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A phylogenomic framework, evolutionary timeline and genomic resources for comparative studies of decapod crustaceans
JM Wolfe, JW Breinholt, KA Crandall, AR Lemmon, EM Lemmon, LE Timm, ...
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A molecular phylogeny and revised higher‐level classification for the leaf‐mining moth family G racillariidae and its implications for larval host‐use evolution
AY Kawahara, D Plotkin, I Ohshima, C LOPEZ‐VAAMONDE, PR Houlihan, ...
Systematic Entomology 42 (1), 60-81, 2017
Using phylogenetically-informed annotation (PIA) to search for light-interacting genes in transcriptomes from non-model organisms
DI Speiser, MS Pankey, AK Zaharoff, BA Battelle, HD Bracken-Grissom, ...
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Underground evolution: new roots for the old tree of lumbricid earthworms
J Domínguez, M Aira, JW Breinholt, M Stojanovic, SW James, ...
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Moth tails divert bat attack: evolution of acoustic deflection
JR Barber, BC Leavell, AL Keener, JW Breinholt, BA Chadwell, ...
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The Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance (GIGA): Developing community resources to study diverse invertebrate genomes
JV Lopez, H Bracken-Grissom, AG Collins, T Collins, K Crandall, D Distel, ...
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Population genetic structure of an endangered Utah endemic, Astragalus ampullarioides (Fabaceae)
JW Breinholt, R Van Buren, OR Kopp, CL Stephen
American Journal of Botany 96 (3), 661-667, 2009
Taxonomic assessment of Lumbricidae (Oligochaeta) earthworm genera using DNA barcodes
M Pérez-Losada, R Bloch, JW Breinholt, M Pfenninger, J Domínguez
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Geographical structure and cryptic lineages within common green iguanas, Iguana iguana
CL Stephen, VH Reynoso, WS Collett, CR Hasbun, JW Breinholt
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Evolutionary hotspots in the Mojave Desert
AG Vandergast, RD Inman, KR Barr, KE Nussear, TC Esque, ...
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The timing of the diversification of the freshwater crayfishes
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An earthworm riddle: systematics and phylogeography of the Spanish lumbricid Postandrilus
M Perez-Losada, JW Breinholt, PG Porto, M Aira, J Domínguez
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Anchored phylogenomics illuminates the skipper butterfly tree of life
EFA Toussaint, JW Breinholt, C Earl, AD Warren, AVZ Brower, M Yago, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 18 (1), 1-11, 2018
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