Wesley Ingwersen
Wesley Ingwersen
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Life cycle assessment of fresh pineapple from Costa Rica
WW Ingwersen
Journal of Cleaner Production 35, 152-163, 2012
Can we compare the environmental performance of this product to that one? An update on the development of product category rules and future challenges toward alignment
WW Ingwersen, MJ Stevenson
Journal of Cleaner Production 24, 102-108, 2012
Integrating emergy into LCA: potential added value and lingering obstacles
M Raugei, B Rugani, E Benetto, WW Ingwersen
Ecological Modelling 271, 4-9, 2014
Uncertainty characterization for emergy values
WW Ingwersen
Ecological Modelling 221 (3), 445-452, 2010
USEEIO: A new and transparent United States environmentally-extended input-output model
Y Yang, WW Ingwersen, TR Hawkins, M Srocka, DE Meyer
Journal of cleaner production 158, 308-318, 2017
Species diversity in the Florida Everglades, USA: A systems approach to calculating biodiversity
MT Brown, MJ Cohen, E Bardi, WW Ingwersen
Aquatic Sciences 68 (3), 254-277, 2006
Comparison of energy-based indicators used in life cycle assessment tools for buildings
RS Srinivasan, W Ingwersen, C Trucco, R Ries, D Campbell
Building and environment 79, 138-151, 2014
Emergy as a life cycle impact assessment indicator: a gold mining case study
WW Ingwersen
Journal of Industrial Ecology 15 (4), 550-567, 2011
Life cycle assessment of a commercial rainwater harvesting system compared with a municipal water supply system
SR Ghimire, JM Johnston, WW Ingwersen, S Sojka
Journal of cleaner production 151, 74-86, 2017
Life cycle assessment of domestic and agricultural rainwater harvesting systems
SR Ghimire, JM Johnston, WW Ingwersen, TR Hawkins
Environmental science & technology 48 (7), 4069-4077, 2014
Comparing product category rules from different programs: learned outcomes towards global alignment
V Subramanian, W Ingwersen, C Hensler, H Collie
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Comparing green and grey infrastructure using life cycle cost and environmental impact: A rain garden case study in Cincinnati, OH
D Vineyard, WW Ingwersen, TR Hawkins, X Xue, B Demeke, W Shuster
JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association 51 (5), 1342-1360, 2015
Integrated metrics for improving the life cycle approach to assessing product system sustainability
W Ingwersen, H Cabezas, AV Weisbrod, T Eason, B Demeke, X Ma, ...
Sustainability 6 (3), 1386-1413, 2014
Mining available data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to support rapid life cycle inventory modeling of chemical manufacturing
SA Cashman, DE Meyer, AN Edelen, WW Ingwersen, JP Abraham, ...
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Guidance on data quality assessment for life cycle inventory data
A Edelen, W Ingwersen
United States Environmental Protection Agency: Washington, DC, USA, 2016
A systems perspective on responses to climate change
WW Ingwersen, AS Garmestani, MA Gonzalez, JJ Templeton
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 16 (4), 719-730, 2014
Scientific assessment and evaluation of the indicator “Ecological Footprint”
S Giljum, M Hammer, A Stocker, M Lackner, A Best, D Blobel, ...
Dessau-Roßlau, Germany: German Federal Environment Agency, 2007
Carbon modeling and emergy evaluation of grassland management schemes in Inner Mongolia
X Dong, MT Brown, D Pfahler, WW Ingwersen, M Kang, Y Jin, B Yu, ...
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 158, 49-57, 2012
A new data architecture for advancing life cycle assessment
WW Ingwersen, TR Hawkins, TR Transue, DE Meyer, G Moore, E Kahn, ...
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20 (4), 520-526, 2015
Guidance for product category rule development: process, outcome, and next steps
WW Ingwersen, V Subramanian
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 19 (3), 532-537, 2014
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