Kenneth Sperber
Kenneth Sperber
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צוטט על ידי
Evaluation of climate models
G Flato, J Marotzke, B Abiodun, P Braconnot, SC Chou, W Collins, P Cox, ...
Climate change 2013: the physical science basis. Contribution of Working …, 2014
Tropical intraseasonal variability in 14 IPCC AR4 climate models. Part I: Convective signals
JL Lin, GN Kiladis, BE Mapes, KM Weickmann, KR Sperber, W Lin, ...
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The Asian summer monsoon: an intercomparison of CMIP5 vs. CMIP3 simulations of the late 20th century
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Interannual tropical rainfall variability in general circulation model simulations associated with the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
KR Sperber, TN Palmer
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An observational study of the relationship between excessively strong short rains in coastal East Africa and Indian Ocean SST
E Black, J Slingo, KR Sperber
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STOIC: a study of coupled model climatology and variability in tropical ocean regions
M Davey, M Huddleston, K Sperber, P Braconnot, F Bryan, D Chen, ...
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The South Asian summer monsoon and its relationship with ENSO in the IPCC AR4 simulations
H Annamalai, K Hamilton, KR Sperber
Journal of Climate 20 (6), 1071-1092, 2007
Application of MJO simulation diagnostics to climate models
D Kim, K Sperber, W Stern, D Waliser, IS Kang, E Maloney, W Wang, ...
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On the predictability of the interannual behaviour of the Madden‐Julian Oscillation and its relationship with El Niño
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ENSIP: the El Nino simulation intercomparison project
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ENSO simulation in coupled ocean-atmosphere models: Are the current models better?
K AchutaRao, KR Sperber
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Tropical air-sea interaction in general circulation models
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MJO simulation diagnostics
D Waliser, K Sperber, H Hendon, D Kim, E Maloney, M Wheeler, ...
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Propagation and the vertical structure of the Madden–Julian oscillation
KR Sperber
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Predictability and the relationship between subseasonal and interannual variability during the Asian summer monsoon
KR Sperber, JM Slingo, H Annamalai
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Simulations of the Madden–Julian oscillation in four pairs of coupled and uncoupled global models
C Zhang, M Dong, S Gualdi, HH Hendon, ED Maloney, A Marshall, ...
Climate Dynamics 27 (6), 573-592, 2006
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