Michael Bar-Ziv
Michael Bar-Ziv
PdD student, Tel Aviv University
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צוטט על ידי
The contribution of shelter from rain to the success of pit-building predators in urban habitats
I Scharf, T Gilad, MA Bar-Ziv, N Katz, E Gregorian, JN Pruitt, A Subach
Animal Behaviour 142, 139-145, 2018
Wormlions prefer both fine and deep sand but only deep sand leads to better performance
MA Bar-Ziv, D Bega, A Subach, I Scharf
Current zoology 65 (4), 393-400, 2019
Thermal acclimation is not induced by habitat-of-origin, maintenance temperature, or acute exposure to low or high temperatures in a pit-building wormlion (Vermileo sp.)
MA Bar-Ziv, I Scharf
Journal of thermal biology 74, 181-186, 2018
Comparison of wormlions and their immediate habitat under man-made and natural shelters: suggesting factors making wormlions successful in cities
MA Bar-Ziv, A Subach, A Hirsch-Ionescu, J Belmaker, A Zweifler, I Scharf
Zoology 130, 38-46, 2018
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