Adi Eliyahu-Behar
Adi Eliyahu-Behar
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צוטט על ידי
Sediments exposed to high temperatures: reconstructing pyrotechnological processes in Late Bronze and Iron Age Strata at Tel Dor (Israel)
F Berna, A Behar, R Shahack-Gross, J Berg, E Boaretto, A Gilboa, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 34 (3), 358-373, 2007
Iron and bronze production in Iron Age IIA Philistia: new evidence from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel
A Eliyahu-Behar, N Yahalom-Mack, S Shilstein, A Zukerman, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 39 (2), 255-267, 2012
Degradation of mud brick houses in an arid environment: a geoarchaeological model
D Friesem, E Boaretto, A Eliyahu-Behar, R Shahack-Gross
Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (5), 1135-1147, 2011
Beer-Sheba III
Z Herzog, L Singer-Avitz
New insights into Levantine copper trade: analysis of ingots from the Bronze and Iron Ages in Israel
N Yahalom-Mack, E Galili, I Segal, A Eliyahu-Behar, E Boaretto, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 45, 159-177, 2014
Iron smelting and smithing in major urban centers in Israel during the Iron Age
A Eliyahu-Behar, N Yahalom-Mack, Y Gadot, I Finkelstein
Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (12), 4319-4330, 2013
The transition from bronze to iron in Canaan: chronology, technology, and context
N Yahalom-Mack, A Eliyahu-Behar
Radiocarbon 57 (2), 285-305, 2015
The Early Bronze Age Remains at Tell eṣ-Ṣāfi/Gath: An Interim Report
I Shai, HJ Greenfield, J Regev, E Boaretto, A Eliyahu-Behar, AM Maeir
Tel Aviv 41 (1), 20-49, 2014
An integrated approach to reconstructing primary activities from pit deposits: iron smithing and other activities at Tel Dor under Neo-Assyrian domination
A Eliyahu-Behar, S Shilstein, N Raban-Gerstel, Y Goren, A Gilboa, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (11), 2895-2908, 2008
Metalworking at H azor: A Long‐Term Perspective
N Yahalom‐Mack, Y Gadot, A Eliyahu‐Behar, S Bechar, S Shilstein, ...
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 33 (1), 19-45, 2014
Metalworking at Megiddo during the Late Bronze and Iron Ages
N Yahalom-Mack, A Eliyahu-Behar, MAS Martin, A Kleiman, ...
Journal of Near Eastern Studies 76 (1), 53-74, 2017
The earliest lead object in the Levant
N Yahalom-Mack, D Langgut, O Dvir, O Tirosh, A Eliyahu-Behar, Y Erel, ...
PLoS One 10 (12), e0142948, 2015
Iron IIA slag-tempered pottery in the Negev Highlands, Israel
MAS Martin, A Eliyahu-Behar, M Anenburg, Y Goren, I Finkelstein
Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (10), 3777-3792, 2013
Reevaluating early iron-working skills in the southern Levant through microstructure analysis
A Eliyahu-Behar, N Yahalom-Mack
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 18, 447-462, 2018
Reconstructing ancient Israel: integrating macro-and micro-archaeology
I Finkelstein, SBD Evian, E Boaretto, D Cabanes, MT Cabanes, ...
Early Bronze Age pottery covered with lime-plaster: technological observations
A Eliyahu-Behar, I Shai, L Regev, D Ben-Shlomo, S Albaz, AM Maeir, ...
Tel Aviv 43 (1), 27-42, 2016
Early Bronze Age pebble installations from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel: evidence for their function and utilization
A Eliyahu-Behar, I Shai, S Gur-Arieh, S Frumin, S Albaz, E Weiss, ...
Levant 49 (1), 46-63, 2017
Preface—The Iron Age in Israel: The exact and life sciences perspectives
I Finkelstein, S Weiner, E Boaretto
Radiocarbon 57 (2), 197-206, 2015
Osmium isotope analysis as an innovative tool for provenancing ancient iron: A systematic approach
M Brauns, N Yahalom-Mack, I Stepanov, L Sauder, J Keen, ...
Plos one 15 (3), e0229623, 2020
Faience beads from Early Bronze Age contexts at Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel
AE Behar, S Albaz, I Shai, AM Maeir, HJ Greenfield
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 7, 609-613, 2016
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