Lior Regev
Lior Regev
Assistant Staff Scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science
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Distinguishing between calcites formed by different mechanisms using infrared spectrometry: archaeological applications
L Regev, KM Poduska, L Addadi, S Weiner, E Boaretto
Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (12), 3022-3029, 2010
Differentiating between anthropogenic calcite in plaster, ash and natural calcite using infrared spectroscopy: implications in archaeology
V Chu, L Regev, S Weiner, E Boaretto
Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (4), 905-911, 2008
Decoupling local disorder and optical effects in infrared spectra: differentiating between calcites with different origins
KM Poduska, L Regev, E Boaretto, L Addadi, S Weiner, L Kronik, ...
Advanced Materials 23 (4), 550-554, 2011
Les fouilles de Ain Mallaha (Eynan) de 2003 à 2005: Quatrième rapport préliminaire
F Valla, H Khalaily, H Valladas, E Kaltnecker, F Bocquentin, C Teresa, ...
Iron age hydraulic plaster from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel
L Regev, A Zukerman, L Hitchcock, AM Maeir, S Weiner, E Boaretto
Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (12), 3000-3009, 2010
The onset of faba bean farming in the Southern Levant
V Caracuta, O Barzilai, H Khalaily, I Milevski, Y Paz, J Vardi, L Regev, ...
Scientific reports 5, 14370, 2015
Radiocarbon chronology of Manot Cave, Israel and Upper Paleolithic dispersals
B Alex, O Barzilai, I Hershkovitz, O Marder, F Berna, V Caracuta, ...
Science Advances 3 (11), e1701450, 2017
Physical and mineralogical properties of experimentally heated chaff-tempered mud bricks: Implications for reconstruction of environmental factors influencing the appearance of …
MCL Forget, L Regev, DE Friesem, R Shahack-Gross
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2, 80-93, 2015
Plaster Characterization at the PPNB Site of Yiftahel (Israel) Including the Use of 14C: Implications for Plaster Production, Preservation, and Dating
KM Poduska, L Regev, F Berna, E Mintz, I Milevski, H Khalaily, S Weiner, ...
Radiocarbon 54 (3-4), 887-896, 2012
Geoarchaeological investigation in a domestic Iron Age quarter, Tel Megiddo, Israel
L Regev, D Cabanes, R Homsher, A Kleiman, S Weiner, I Finkelstein, ...
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 374 (1), 135-157, 2015
Golgi localization determinants in ArfGAP1 and in new tissue-specific ArfGAP1 isoforms
A Parnis, M Rawet, L Regev, B Barkan, M Rotman, M Gaitner, D Cassel
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (7), 3785-3792, 2006
Xylem anatomical traits reveal different strategies of two Mediterranean oaks to cope with drought and warming
D Castagneri, L Regev, E Boaretto, M Carrer
Environmental and Experimental Botany 133, 128-138, 2017
Radiocarbon concentrations of wood ash calcite: potential for dating
L Regev, E Eckmeier, E Mintz, S Weiner, E Boaretto
Radiocarbon 53 (1), 117-127, 2011
Structural differences in archaeologically relevant calcite
B Xu, MB Toffolo, L Regev, E Boaretto, KM Poduska
Analytical Methods 7 (21), 9304-9309, 2015
FTIR-based crystallinity assessment of aragonite–calcite mixtures in archaeological lime binders altered by diagenesis
MB Toffolo, L Regev, S Dubernet, Y Lefrais, E Boaretto
Minerals 9 (2), 121, 2019
Late Middle Paleolithic of southern Poland: radiocarbon dates from Ciemna and Obłazowa caves
B Alex, P Valde-Nowak, L Regev, E Boaretto
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 11, 370-380, 2017
Atomic disorder in fossil tooth and bone mineral: an FTIR study using the grinding curve method
Y Asscher, L Regev, S Weiner, E Boaretto
ArcheoSciences. Revue d'archéométrie, 135-141, 2011
14C Dating of Fire-Damaged Mortars from Medieval Finland
A Lindroos, L Regev, M Oinonen, Å Ringbom, J Heinemeier
Radiocarbon 54 (3-4), 915-931, 2012
D-REAMS: A new compact AMS system for radiocarbon measurements at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
L Regev, P Steier, Y Shachar, E Mintz, EM Wild, W Kutschera, E Boaretto
Radiocarbon 59 (3), 775, 2017
Accurate radiocarbon dating of archaeological ash using pyrogenic aragonite
MB Toffolo, L Regev, E Mintz, KM Poduska, R Shahack-Gross, C Berthold, ...
Radiocarbon 59 (1), 231, 2017
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