Ofir Levy
Ofir Levy
Senior Lecturer (aka Assistant Professor), Tel Aviv University
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צוטט על ידי
Resolving the life cycle alters expected impacts of climate change
O Levy, LB Buckley, TH Keitt, CD Smith, KO Boateng, DS Kumar, ...
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The relationship between the golden spiny mouse circadian system and its diurnal activity: an experimental field enclosures and laboratory study
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Approaches to advance scientific understanding of macrosystems ecology
O Levy, BA Ball, B Bond-Lamberty, KS Cheruvelil, AO Finley, NR Lottig, ...
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Lizards paid a greater opportunity cost to thermoregulate in a less heterogeneous environment
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Lizards fail to plastically adjust nesting behavior or thermal tolerance as needed to buffer populations from climate warming
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Time and ecological resilience: can diurnal animals compensate for climate change by shifting to nocturnal activity?
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Ontogeny constrains phenology: opportunities for activity and reproduction interact to dictate potential phenologies in a changing climate
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Recurrent sublethal warming reduces embryonic survival, inhibits juvenile growth, and alters species distribution projections under climate change
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Biophysical modeling of the temporal niche: from first principles to the evolution of activity patterns
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A dynamically downscaled projection of past and future microclimates
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Diminishing returns limit energetic costs of climate change
O Levy, JD Borchert, TW Rusch, LB Buckley, MJ Angilletta
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Plotrix: Various plotting functions. R package version 2.7-2
J Lemon, B Bolker, S Oom, E Klein, B Rowlingson, H Wickham, A Tyagi, ...
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The influence of thermal heterogeneity on species interactions
M Sears, M Angilletta, E Apanovitch, M Carlo, O Levy, E Riddell, T Rusch
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