Brad Rosenheim
Brad Rosenheim
Associate Professor, University of South Florida College of Marine Sciences
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Using natural abundance radiocarbon to trace the flux of petrocarbon to the seafloor following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
J Chanton, T Zhao, BE Rosenheim, S Joye, S Bosman, C Brunner, ...
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PK Swart, L Greer, BE Rosenheim, CS Moses, AJ Waite, A Winter, ...
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Effects of improved 17O correction on interlaboratory agreement in clumped isotope calibrations, estimates of mineral‐specific offsets, and temperature dependence of acid …
SV Petersen, WF Defliese, C Saenger, M Daëron, KW Huntington, ...
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Siderite ‘clumped’isotope thermometry: A new paleoclimate proxy for humid continental environments
A Fernandez, J Tang, BE Rosenheim
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Perennial ponds are not an important source of water or dissolved organic matter to groundwaters with high arsenic concentrations in West Bengal, India
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Direct measurement of riverine particulate organic carbon age structure
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BE Rosenheim, KM Roe, BJ Roberts, AS Kolker, MA Allison, ...
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Hydrocarbon degradation and response of seafloor sediment bacterial community in the northern Gulf of Mexico to light Louisiana sweet crude oil
HP Bacosa, DL Erdner, BE Rosenheim, P Shetty, KW Seitz, BJ Baker, ...
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Distributions and accumulation rates of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the northern Gulf of Mexico sediments
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Improving Antarctic sediment 14C dating using ramped pyrolysis: an example from the Hugo Island Trough
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Salinity change in the subtropical Atlantic: Secular increase and teleconnections to the North Atlantic Oscillation
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Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2007
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