Qiang Wu
Qiang Wu
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Implementing dynamic capabilities for corporate strategic change toward sustainability
Q Wu, Q He, Y Duan, N O'Regan
Strategic Change 21 (5), 231, 2012
Multi-domain feature extraction for small event-related potentials through nonnegative multi-way array decomposition from low dense array EEG
F Cong, AH Phan, P Astikainen, Q Zhao, Q Wu, JK Hietanen, T Ristaniemi, ...
International journal of neural systems 23 (02), 1350006, 2013
Explicating dynamic capabilities for corporate sustainability
Q Wu, Q He, Y Duan
EuroMed journal of business, 2013
Evaluation and application of a hybrid brain computer interface for real wheelchair parallel control with multi-degree of freedom
J Li, H Ji, L Cao, D Zang, R Gu, B Xia, Q Wu
International journal of neural systems 24 (04), 1450014, 2014
MXene-based saturable absorber for femtosecond mode-locked fiber lasers
Q Wu, X Jin, S Chen, X Jiang, Y Hu, Q Jiang, L Wu, J Li, Z Zheng, ...
Optics express 27 (7), 10159-10170, 2019
The reversal effect of magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles loaded with cisplatin on SKOV3/DDP ovarian carcinoma cells
Z Jiang, BA Chen, GH Xia, Q Wu, Y Zhang, TY Hong, W Zhang, J Cheng, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 4, 107, 2009
Robust multifactor speech feature extraction based on Gabor analysis
Q Wu, L Zhang, G Shi
IEEE transactions on audio, speech, and language processing 19 (4), 927-936, 2010
Watermarking FPGA Bitfile for Intellectual Property Protection.
J Zhang, Y Lin, Q Wu, W Che
Radioengineering 21 (2), 2012
Design and implementation of a delay-based PUF for FPGA IP protection
J Zhang, Q Wu, Y Lyu, Q Zhou, Y Cai, Y Lin, G Qu
2013 International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics …, 2013
In vitro and in vivo studies of Zn-Mn biodegradable metals designed for orthopedic applications
B Jia, H Yang, Y Han, Z Zhang, X Qu, Y Zhuang, Q Wu, Y Zheng, K Dai
Acta biomaterialia 108, 358-372, 2020
Higher-dimension tensor completion via low-rank tensor ring decomposition
L Yuan, J Cao, X Zhao, Q Wu, Q Zhao
2018 Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association Annual …, 2018
Low-rank approximation based non-negative multi-way array decomposition on event-related potentials
F Cong, G Zhou, P Astikainen, Q Zhao, Q Wu, AK Nandi, JK Hietanen, ...
International journal of neural systems 24 (08), 1440005, 2014
Analysis of solder joint fracture under mechanical bending test
K Harada, S Baba, Q Wu, H Matsushima, T Matsunaga, Y Ucgai, ...
53rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 2003. Proceedings …, 2003
A hierarchical CDFG as intermediate representation for hardware/software codesign
Q Wu, Y Wang, J Bian, W Wu, H Xue
IEEE 2002 International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems …, 2002
Hybrid pyramid u-net model for brain tumor segmentation
X Kong, G Sun, Q Wu, J Liu, F Lin
International conference on intelligent information processing, 346-355, 2018
Investigation of perioperative hidden blood loss of unstable intertrochanteric fracture in the elderly treated with different intramedullary fixations
X Yang, Q Wu, X Wang
Injury 48 (8), 1848-1852, 2017
Techniques for design and implementation of an FPGA-specific physical unclonable function
JL Zhang, Q Wu, YP Ding, YQ Lv, Q Zhou, ZH Xia, XM Sun, XW Wang
Journal of Computer Science and Technology 31 (1), 124-136, 2016
A heterogeneous platform with GPU and FPGA for power efficient high performance computing
Q Wu, Y Ha, A Kumar, S Luo, A Li, S Mohamed
2014 International Symposium on Integrated Circuits (ISIC), 220-223, 2014
Dynamic capabilities for CSR management: towards identifying common processes
Q Wu, Q He, Y Duan
Society and Business Review, 2014
Evaluation of poly (ethylene glycol)/hydroxypropyl starch aqueous two-phase system for immunoglobulin G extraction
Q Wu, DQ Lin, SJ Yao
Journal of Chromatography B 928, 106-112, 2013
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