Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham
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As old as the hills: montane scorpions in southwestern North America reveal ancient associations between biotic diversification and landscape history
RW Bryson Jr, BR Riddle, MR Graham, BT Smith, L Prendini
PLoS One 8 (1), e52822, 2013
Ephemeral Pleistocene woodlands connect the dots for highland rattlesnakes of the Crotalus intermedius group
RW Bryson Jr, RW Murphy, MR Graham, A Lathrop, D Lazcano
Journal of Biogeography 38 (12), 2299-2310, 2011
Phylogeography of the Arizona hairy scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis) supports a model of biotic assembly in the Mojave Desert and adds a new Pleistocene refugium
MR Graham, JR Jaeger, L Prendini, BR Riddle
Journal of Biogeography 40 (7), 1298-1312, 2013
Miocene extensional tectonics explain ancient patterns of diversification among turret‐building tarantulas (Aphonopelma mojave group) in the Mojave and Sonoran …
MR Graham, BE Hendrixson, CA Hamilton, JE Bond
Journal of Biogeography 42 (6), 1052-1065, 2015
Identification of a novel male germ cell-specific gene TESF-1 in mice
J Fan, M Graham, H Akabane, LL Richardson, GZ Zhu
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 340 (1), 8-12, 2006
Phylogeography of Beck’s desert scorpion, Paruroctonus becki, reveals Pliocene diversification in the eastern California Shear Zone and postglacial expansion in the Great Basin …
MR Graham, JR Jaeger, L Prendini, BR Riddle
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 69 (3), 502-513, 2013
Student agency at the crux: Mitigating disengagement in middle and high school
RC Anderson, M Graham, P Kennedy, N Nelson, M Stoolmiller, SK Baker, ...
Contemporary Educational Psychology 56, 205-217, 2019
Phylogeography of co-distributed dune scorpions identifies the Amu Darya River as a long-standing component of Central Asian biogeography: (Scorpiones: Buthidae)
MR Graham, V Oláh-Hemmings, V Fet
Zoology in the Middle East 55 (1), 95-110, 2012
A new alligator lizard from northeastern Mexico
RW Bryson Jr, MR Graham
Herpetologica 66 (1), 92-98, 2010
Sky island Vaejovis: two new species and a redescription of V. vorhiesi Stahnke (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae)
MR Graham
Euscorpius 2007 (51), 1-14, 2007
Revision of the Mesobuthus caucasicus complex from Central Asia, with descriptions of six new species (Scorpiones: Buthidae)
V Fet, F Kovařík, B Gantenbein, RC Kaiser, MR Graham, AK Stewart
Euscorpius, 1-77, 2018
Vaejovis montanus (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae), a new species from the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico
MR Graham, RW Bryson Jr
The Journal of Arachnology 38 (2), 285-293, 2010
Predicted impact of COVID-19 on neglected tropical disease programs and the opportunity for innovation
J Toor, ER Adams, M Aliee, B Amoah, RM Anderson, D Ayabina, R Bailey, ...
Clinical Infectious Diseases 72 (8), 1463-1466, 2021
Metasoma of Orthochirus (Scorpiones: Buthidae): are scorpions evolving a new sensory organ?
V Fet, EV Fet, D Neff, MR Graham
Revista ibérica de aracnología, 69-72, 2003
The first mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of Cuban Buthidae (SCORPIONES: BUTHOIDEA)
R Teruel, V Fet, MR Graham
Boletín de la Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa 39, 219-226, 2006
Phylogenetics of scorpions of medical importance
A Borges, MJ Graham
Venom genomics and proteomics. Springer, Netherlands, 2016
Multivariate methods support the distinction of a new highland Vaejovis (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae) from the Sierra de los Ajos, Mexico
MR Graham, RF Ayrey, RW Bryson Jr
The Journal of Arachnology 40 (3), 281-290, 2012
Serrula in retrospect: a historical look at scorpion literature (Scorpiones: Orthosterni)
MR Graham, V Fet
Euscorpius 2006 (48), 1-19, 2006
Two new species of Euscorpius (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Greece
V Fet, MR Graham, MM Webber, G Blagoev
Zootaxa 3894 (1), 83-105, 2014
A Reevaluation of the Status of the Foxsnakes Pantherophis gloydi Conant and P. vulpinus Baird and Girard (Lepidosauria)
BI Crother, ME White, JM Savage, ME Eckstut, MR Graham, DW Gardner
International Scholarly Research Notices 2011, 2011
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