Elizabeth Riley
Elizabeth Riley
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Dopaminergic control of anxiety in young and aged zebrafish
V Kacprzak, NA Patel, E Riley, L Yu, JRJ Yeh, IV Zhdanova
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 157, 1-8, 2017
Gender differences in sustained attentional control relate to gender inequality across countries
E Riley, H Okabe, L Germine, J Wilmer, M Esterman, J DeGutis
PloS one 11 (11), e0165100, 2016
Time-of-day variation in sustained attentional control
E Riley, M Esterman, FC Fortenbaugh, J DeGutis
Chronobiology international 34 (7), 993-1001, 2017
Clinically significant cognitive dysfunction in OEF/OIF/OND veterans: Prevalence and clinical associations.
E Riley, A Mitko, A Stumps, M Robinson, W Milberg, R McGlinchey, ...
Neuropsychology 33 (4), 534, 2019
Prenatal and acute cocaine exposure affects neural responses and habituation to visual stimuli
IZ Elizabeth Riley, Konstantin Kopotiyenko
Frontiers in Neural Circuits 9, 41, 2015
Target detection increases pupil diameter and enhances memory for background scenes during multi-tasking
KM Swallow, YV Jiang, EB Riley
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-13, 2019
Estimates of locus coeruleus function with functional magnetic resonance imaging are influenced by localization approaches and the use of multi-echo data
HB Turker, E Riley, WM Luh, SJ Colcombe, KM Swallow
NeuroImage 236, 118047, 2021
Prenatal cocaine exposure disrupts the dopaminergic system and its postnatal responses to cocaine
E Riley, V Maymi, S Pawlyszyn, L Yu, IV Zhdanova
Genes, Brain and Behavior 17 (4), e12436, 2018
Gender Differences in Sustained Attentional Control Relate to Gender Inequality across Countries (vol 11, e0165100, 2016)
E Riley, H Okabe, L Germine, J Wilmer, M Esterman, J DeGutis
PLOS ONE 12 (1), 2017
Effects of cocaine on visual processing in zebrafish
E Riley
Boston University, 2015
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