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צוטט על ידי
Dependency between light intensity and refractive development under light–dark cycles
Y Cohen, M Belkin, O Yehezkel, AS Solomon, U Polat
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Training the brain to overcome the effect of aging on the human eye
U Polat, C Schor, JL Tong, A Zomet, M Lev, O Yehezkel, A Sterkin, ...
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Learning to adapt: Dynamics of readaptation to geometrical distortions
O Yehezkel, D Sagi, A Sterkin, M Belkin, U Polat
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Method for implementing collaborative training and online learning over a computer network and related techniques
CF Dornbush, GB Robinson, EJ Cornelia
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Spatio-temporal low-level neural networks account for visual masking
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Uncovering foveal crowding?
M Lev, O Yehezkel, U Polat
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Light intensity modulates corneal power and refraction in the chick eye exposed to continuous light
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Extended depth of focus contact lenses for presbyopia
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Learning to be fast: Gain accuracy with speed
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Thin spectacles for myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism insensitive vision
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Training on spatiotemporal masking improves crowded and uncrowded visual acuity
O Yehezkel, A Sterkin, M Lev, U Polat
Journal of Vision 15 (6), 12-12, 2015
Toric ophthalmic lens having extended depth of focus
BENY Shai, A Zlotnik, I Raveh, O Limon, O Yehezkel, K Lahav-Yacouel, ...
US Patent 10,394,051, 2019
Intraocular Omni-focal Lens With Increased Tolerance to Decentration andAstigmatism
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A Sterkin, Y Levy, R Pokroy, M Lev, L Levian, R Doron, O Yehezkel, ...
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Training‐induced recovery of low‐level vision followed by mid‐level perceptual improvements in developmental object and face agnosia
M Lev, S Gilaie‐Dotan, D Gotthilf‐Nezri, O Yehezkel, JL Brooks, A Perry, ...
Developmental Science 18 (1), 50-64, 2015
Gains following perceptual learning are closely linked to the initial visual acuity
O Yehezkel, A Sterkin, M Lev, DM Levi, U Polat
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Crowding is proportional to visual acuity in young and aging eyes
O Yehezkel, A Sterkin, M Lev, U Polat
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Multi-component correlate for lateral collinear interactions in the human visual cortex
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Binocular combination of stimulus orientation
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