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Dina Mistry
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Spread of Zika virus in the Americas
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Determining the optimal strategy for reopening schools, the impact of test and trace interventions, and the risk of occurrence of a second COVID-19 epidemic wave in the UK: a …
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Inferring high-resolution human mixing patterns for disease modeling
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Committed activists and the reshaping of status-quo social consensus
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Controlling COVID-19 via test-trace-quarantine
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Projected spread of Zika virus in the Americas
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Determining the optimal strategy for reopening schools, work and society in the UK: balancing earlier opening and the impact of test and trace strategies with the risk of …
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Seeding COVID-19 across Sub-Saharan Africa: An Analysis of Reported Importation Events across 49 Countries
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Spread of infectious disease and social awareness as parasitic contagions on clustered networks
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Role of masks, testing and contact tracing in preventing COVID-19 resurgences: a case study from New South Wales, Australia
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Preventing a cluster from becoming a new wave in settings with zero community COVID-19 cases
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Modelling the potential impact of mask use in schools and society on COVID-19 control in the UK
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Testing the waters: is it time to go back to school?
D Klein, C Kerr, D Mistry, N Thakkar, J Cohen
Stepping Back to School: A step-by-step look at COVID introduction, spread, and exportation
D Klein, C Kerr, D Mistry, E Wenger, J Cohen
https://iazpvnewgrp01.blob.core.windows.net/source/archived …, 2021
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