Iordanis Magiopoulos
Iordanis Magiopoulos
Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)
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Confirming the “Rapid phosphorus transfer from microorganisms to mesozooplankton in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea” scenario through a mesocosm experiment
P Pitta, JC Nejstgaard, TM Tsagaraki, S Zervoudaki, JK Egge, ...
Journal of Plankton Research 38 (3), 502-521, 2016
Viruses in a deep oligotrophic sea: Seasonal distribution of marine viruses in the epi-, meso-and bathypelagic waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
I Magiopoulos, P Pitta
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 66, 1-10, 2012
Nutrient limitation in surface waters of the oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean Sea: an Enrichment Microcosm Experiment
A Tsiola, P Pitta, S Fodelianakis, R Pete, I Magiopoulos, P Mara, S Psarra, ...
Microbial ecology 71 (3), 575-588, 2016
Mussel farming in Maliakos Gulf and quality indicators of the marine environment: Good benthic below poor pelagic ecological status
PD Dimitriou, I Karakassis, P Pitta, TM Tsagaraki, ET Apostolaki, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 101 (2), 784-793, 2015
Microbiology: lessons from a first attempt at Lake Ellsworth
DA Pearce, I Magiopoulos, M Mowlem, M Tranter, G Holt, J Woodward, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2016
Probe technologies for clean sampling and measurement of subglacial lakes
M Mowlem, K Saw, R Brown, E Waugh, CL Cardwell, J Wyatt, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2016
Temporal variability of the microbial food web (viruses to ciliates) under the influence of the Black Sea Water inflow (N. Aegean, E. Mediterranean)
A Giannakourou, A Tsiola, M Kanellopoulou, I Magiopoulos, I Siokou, ...
Mediterranean Marine Science 15 (4), 769-780, 2014
A multi-parametric assessment of decontamination protocols for the subglacial Lake Ellsworth probe
I Magiopoulos, JS McQuillan, CL Burd, M Mowlem, MN Tsaloglou
Journal of microbiological methods 123, 87-93, 2016
Microplastics increase the marine production of particulate forms of organic matter
L Galgani, M Tsapakis, P Pitta, A Tsiola, E Tzempelikou, I Kalantzi, ...
Environmental Research Letters 14 (12), 124085, 2019
Spatial variability of antarctic surface snow bacterial communities
LA Malard, M Šabacká, I Magiopoulos, M Mowlem, A Hodson, M Tranter, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 461, 2019
Buzz off! An evaluation of ultrasonic acoustic vibration for the disruption of marine micro‐organisms on sensor‐housing materials
JS McQuillan, DJ Hopper, I Magiopoulos, M Arundell, R Brown, S Shorter, ...
Letters in applied microbiology 63 (6), 393-399, 2016
Meso-scale diversity of planctonic ciliates along a latitudinal and productivity gradient in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
I Magiopoulos, P Pitta
The Black Sea-North Aegean Interface: A comparative study of the spatio-temporally changing profiles of viral and bacterial abundance and biomass.
A Tsiola, A Giannakourou, I Magiopoulos, P Pitta
GIANNAKOUROU, A., TSIOLA, A., KANELLOPOULOU, M., MAGIOPOULOS, I., SIOKOU, I., & PITTA, P.(2014). Temporal variability of the microbial food web (viruses to ciliates) under the …
Prokaryotic and eukaryotic picoplankton and viral response to Inorganic vs Organic Phosphorus additions in the oligotrophic Cretan Sea
A Tsiola, P Pitta, S Mas, I Magiopoulos, R Pete, B Mostajir
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