Gerardo J. Ruiz-Mercado
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Sustainability indicators for chemical processes: I. Taxonomy
GJ Ruiz-Mercado, RL Smith, MA Gonzalez
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Sustainability indicators for chemical processes: II. Data needs
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Separation of CO2 from Light Gas Mixtures using Ion-Exchanged Silicoaluminophosphate Nanoporous Sorbents
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RL Smith, GJ Ruiz-Mercado, DE Meyer, MA Gonzalez, JP Abraham, ...
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Emergy analysis for the sustainable utilization of biosolids generated in a municipal wastewater treatment plant
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Design and optimization of energy efficient complex separation networks
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Rigorous separation design. 1. Multicomponent mixtures, nonideal mixtures, and prefractionating column networks
SB Kim, GJ Ruiz, AA Linninger
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A conceptual chemical process for the recycling of Ce, Eu, and Y from LED flat panel displays
GJ Ruiz-Mercado, MA Gonzalez, RL Smith, DE Meyer
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Economic and Environmental Analysis for Advancing Sustainable Management of Livestock Waste: A Wisconsin Case Study
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Coordinated management of organic waste and derived products
AM Sampat, Y Hu, M Sharara, H Aguirre-Villegas, G Ruiz-Mercado, ...
Computers & Chemical Engineering 128, 352-363, 2019
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