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Nanoporous Polymers from Cross-Linked Polymer Precursors via tert-Butyl Group Deprotection and Their Carbon Dioxide Capture Properties
J Huang, X Zhou, A Lamprou, F Maya, F Svec, SR Turner
Chemistry of Materials 27 (21), 7388-7394, 2015
Highly cross-linked polyether-based 1, 2, 3-triazolium ion conducting membranes with enhanced gas separation properties
X Zhou, MM Obadia, SR Venna, EA Roth, A Serghei, DR Luebke, C Myers, ...
European Polymer Journal 84, 65-76, 2016
Ionic liquids and poly (ionic liquid) s for 3D printing–A focused mini-review
H Nulwala, A Mirjafari, X Zhou
European Polymer Journal 108, 390-398, 2018
Crosslinked poly (ethylene oxide) containing siloxanes fabricated through thiol‐ene photochemistry
VA Kusuma, EA Roth, WP Clafshenkel, SS Klara, X Zhou, SR Venna, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 53 (13), 1548-1557, 2015
Redox-mediated separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas
JD Watkins, NS Siefert, X Zhou, CR Myers, JR Kitchin, DP Hopkinson, ...
Energy & Fuels 29 (11), 7508-7515, 2015
Nanoporous Hypercrosslinked Polymers Containing T g Enhancing Comonomers
X Zhou, J Huang, KW Barr, Z Lin, F Maya, LJ Abbott, CM Colina, F Svec, ...
Polymer 59, 42-28, 2015
Branched isomeric 1, 2, 3-triazolium-based ionic liquids: new insight into structure–property relationships
M Lartey, J Meyer-Ilse, JD Watkins, EA Roth, S Bowser, VA Kusuma, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (44), 29834-29843, 2015
Nanoporous structure of semirigid alternating copolymers via nitrogen sorption and molecular simulation
X Zhou, Y Li, KE Hart, LJ Abbott, Z Lin, F Svec, CM Colina, SR Turner
Macromolecules 46 (15), 5968-5973, 2013
Ionic cross-linked polyether and silica gel mixed matrix membranes for CO2 separation from flue gas
AK Sekizkardes, X Zhou, HB Nulwala, D Hopkinson, SR Venna
Separation and Purification Technology 191, 301-306, 2018
Eutectic ionic liquid mixtures and their effect on CO 2 solubility and conductivity
AS Ivanova, T Brinzer, EA Roth, VA Kusuma, JD Watkins, X Zhou, ...
RSC Advances 5 (63), 51407-51412, 2015
A review of semi-rigid, stilbene-containing alternating copolymers
AM Savage, X Zhou, J Huang, SR Turner
Applied Petrochemical Research 5 (1), 27-33, 2014
Solution properties of stilbene‐containing sterically crowded alternating polyanions
Y Li, AM Savage, X Zhou, SR Turner, RM Davis
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 51 (21), 1565-1570, 2013
Autocatalytic synthesis of bifluoride ionic liquids by SuFEx click chemistry
T Hmissa, X Zhang, NR Dhumal, GJ McManus, X Zhou, HB Nulwala, ...
Angewandte Chemie 130 (49), 16237-16241, 2018
Temperature dependence of dual emission in ruthenium (II) complexes containing 3, 3′-bi-1, 2, 4-triazine derivatives
Y Chen, X Zhou, XH Wei, BL Yu, H Chao, LN Ji
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 13 (9), 1018-1020, 2010
Lab-scale Development of a Hybrid Capture System with Advanced Membrane, Solvent system, and Process Integration
HB Nulwala, X Zhou, H Allcock
Liquid Ion Solutions LLC, Pittsburgh, PA (United States), 2018
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