Shea M. Lambert
Shea M. Lambert
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Rapid diversification and time explain amphibian richness at different scales in the Tropical Andes, Earth’s most biodiverse hotspot
CR Hutter, SM Lambert, JJ Wiens
The American Naturalist 190 (6), 828-843, 2017
When do species-tree and concatenated estimates disagree? An empirical analysis with higher-level scincid lizard phylogeny
SM Lambert, TW Reeder, JJ Wiens
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 82, 146-155, 2015
Evolution of viviparity: a phylogenetic test of the cold‐climate hypothesis in phrynosomatid lizards
SM Lambert, JJ Wiens
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Using genomic data to revisit an early example of reproductive character displacement in Haitian Anolis lizards
SM Lambert, AJ Geneva, D Luke Mahler, RE Glor
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Diamond in the rough: a new species of fossorial diamond frog (Rhombophryne) from Ranomafana National Park, southeastern Madagascar
SM Lambert, CR Hutter, MD Scherz
Zoosystematics and Evolution 93, 143, 2017
Climate change, extinction, and Sky Island biogeography in a montane lizard
JJ Wiens, A Camacho, A Goldberg, T Jezkova, ME Kaplan, SM Lambert, ...
Molecular ecology 28 (10), 2610-2624, 2019
Discovery of a Giant Chameleon-Like Lizard (Anolis) on Hispaniola and Its Significance to Understanding Replicated Adaptive Radiations
DL Mahler, SM Lambert, AJ Geneva, J Ng, SB Hedges, JB Losos, RE Glor
The American Naturalist 188 (3), 357-364, 2016
Inferring introgression using RADseq and DFOIL: Power and pitfalls revealed in a case study of spiny lizards (Sceloporus)
SM Lambert, JW Streicher, MC Fisher‐Reid, FR Méndez de la Cruz, ...
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The phylogeny of lizard families
JJ Wiens, SM Lambert
Reproductive biology and phylogeny of lizards and tuatara, 27-42, 2014
Molecular phylogeny and diversification of Malagasy bright-eyed tree frogs (Mantellidae: Boophis)
CR Hutter, SM Lambert, ZF Andriampenomanana, F Glaw, M Vences
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 127, 568-578, 2018
The smallest ‘true chameleon’from Madagascar: a new, distinctly colored species of the Calumma boettgeri complex (Squamata, Chamaeleonidae)
D Prötzel, SM Lambert, GT Andrianasolo, CR Hutter, KA Cobb, ...
Zoosystematics and Evolution 94, 409, 2018
A new species of bright-eyed treefrog (Mantellidae) from Madagascar, with comments on call evolution and patterns of syntopy in the Boophis ankaratra complex
CR Hutter, SM Lambert, KA Cobb, ZF Andriampenomanana, M Vences
Zootaxa 4034 (3), 531-555, 2015
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