Soleyman Sahebi
Soleyman Sahebi
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
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Assessing the major factors affecting the performances of forward osmosis and its implications on the desalination process
S Phuntsho, S Sahebi, T Majeed, F Lotfi, JE Kim, HK Shon
Chemical engineering journal 231, 484-496, 2013
Effect of sulphonated polyethersulfone substrate for thin film composite forward osmosis membrane
S Sahebi, S Phuntsho, YC Woo, MJ Park, LD Tijing, S Hong, HK Shon
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Pressure assisted fertiliser drawn osmosis process to enhance final dilution of the fertiliser draw solution beyond osmotic equilibrium
S Sahebi, S Phuntsho, JE Kim, S Hong, HK Shon
Journal of Membrane Science 481, 63-72, 2015
Occurrence, distribution, and potential sources of antibiotics pollution in the water-sediment of the northern coastline of the Persian Gulf, Iran
R Kafaei, F Papari, M Seyedabadi, S Sahebi, R Tahmasebi, M Ahmadi, ...
Science of the Total Environment 627, 703-712, 2018
Removal of arsenic from an aqueous solution by pretreated waste tea fungal biomass
S Mamisahebei, GRJ Khaniki, A Torabian, S Nasseri, K Naddafi
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Abatement of Cr (VI) from wastewater using a new adsorbent, cantaloupe peel: taguchi L 16 orthogonal array optimization
B Ramavandi, G Asgari, J Faradmal, S Sahebi, B Roshani
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Characteristics and performance of Cd, Ni, and Pb bio-adsorption using Callinectes sapidus biomass: real wastewater treatment
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M Shafiee, R Foroutan, K Fouladi, M Ahmadlouydarab, B Ramavandi, ...
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Efficient arsenic (V) removal from contaminated water using natural clay and clay composite adsorbents
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Thin-film composite membrane on a compacted woven backing fabric for pressure assisted osmosis
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Effective removal of Hg2+ from aqueous solutions and seawater by Malva sylvestris
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Influence of the process parameters on hollow fiber-forward osmosis membrane performances
T Majeed, S Phuntsho, S Sahebi, JE Kim, JK Yoon, K Kim, HK Shon
Desalination and Water Treatment 54 (4-5), 817-828, 2015
Removal of phenol from hyper-saline wastewater using Cu/Mg/Al–chitosan–H2O2 in a fluidized catalytic bed reactor
B Ramavandi, M Jafarzadeh, S Sahebi
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis 111 (2), 605-620, 2014
Calcined alluvium of agricultural streams as a recyclable and cleaning tool for cationic dye removal from aqueous media
R Foroutan, R Mohammadi, N Sohrabi, S Sahebi, S Farjadfard, Z Esvandi, ...
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Efficient degradation of a biorecalcitrant pollutant from wastewater using a fluidized catalyst-bed reactor
M Ahmadi, B Ramavandi, S Sahebi
Chemical Engineering Communications 202 (8), 1118-1129, 2015
Assessment of a thermally modified cellulose acetate forward‐osmosis membrane using response surface methodology
J Zyaie, M Sheikhi, J Baniasadi, S Sahebi, T Mohammadi
Chemical Engineering & Technology 41 (9), 1706-1715, 2018
A new biomimetic aquaporin thin film composite membrane for forward osmosis: Characterization and performance assessment
S Sahebi, M Sheikhi, B Ramavandi
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Relating forward water and reverse salt fluxes to membrane porosity and tortuosity in forward osmosis: CFD modelling
M Kahrizi, J Lin, G Ji, L Kong, C Song, LF Dumée, S Sahebi, S Zhao
Separation and Purification Technology 241, 116727, 2020
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