Richard Grote
Richard Grote
Postdoctoral Researcher, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Asymmetric Y junctions in silicon waveguides for on-chip mode-division multiplexing
JB Driscoll, RR Grote, B Souhan, JI Dadap, M Lu, RM Osgood
Optics letters 38 (11), 1854-1856, 2013
Optical signatures of quantum emitters in suspended hexagonal boron nitride
AL Exarhos, DA Hopper, RR Grote, A Alkauskas, LC Bassett
ACS nano 11 (3), 3328-3336, 2017
Integrated plasmonic lens photodetector
JA Shackleford, R Grote, M Currie, JE Spanier, B Nabet
Applied Physics Letters 94 (8), 083501, 2009
Dielectric particle and void resonators for thin film solar cell textures
SA Mann, RR Grote, RM Osgood, JA Schuller
Optics express 19 (25), 25729-25740, 2011
A 60 Gb/s MDM-WDM Si photonic link with< 0.7 dB power penalty per channel
JB Driscoll, CP Chen, RR Grote, B Souhan, JI Dadap, A Stein, M Lu, ...
Optics express 22 (15), 18543-18555, 2014
Width-modulation of Si photonic wires for quasi-phase-matching of four-wave-mixing: experimental and theoretical demonstration
JB Driscoll, N Ophir, RR Grote, JI Dadap, NC Panoiu, K Bergman, ...
Optics express 20 (8), 9227-9242, 2012
10 Gb/s Error-Free Operation of All-Silicon Ion-Implanted-Waveguide Photodiodes at 1.55
RR Grote, K Padmaraju, B Souhan, JB Driscoll, K Bergman, RM Osgood
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 25 (1), 67-70, 2012
Opportunities and limitations for nanophotonic structures to exceed the Shockley–Queisser limit
SA Mann, RR Grote, RM Osgood Jr, A Alù, EC Garnett
ACS nano 10 (9), 8620-8631, 2016
Near-infrared-assisted charge control and spin readout of the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
DA Hopper, RR Grote, AL Exarhos, LC Bassett
Physical Review B 94 (24), 241201, 2016
Engineering metal-nanoantennae/dye complexes for maximum fluorescence enhancement
X Meng, RR Grote, JI Dadap, NC Panoiu, RM Osgood
Optics express 22 (18), 22018-22030, 2014
Experimental demonstration of coherent perfect absorption in a silicon photonic racetrack resonator
JM Rothenberg, CP Chen, JJ Ackert, JI Dadap, AP Knights, K Bergman, ...
Optics letters 41 (11), 2537-2540, 2016
Morphology-dependent light trapping in thin-film organic solar cells
RR Grote, SJ Brown, JB Driscoll, RM Osgood, JA Schuller
Optics express 21 (105), A847-A863, 2013
Amplified sensitivity of nitrogen-vacancy spins in nanodiamonds using all-optical charge readout
DA Hopper, RR Grote, SM Parks, LC Bassett
ACS nano 12 (5), 4678-4686, 2018
Integrated optical modulators and switches using coherent perfect loss
RR Grote, JB Driscoll, RM Osgood Jr
Optics letters 38 (16), 3001-3004, 2013
A monolithic immersion metalens for imaging solid-state quantum emitters
TY Huang, RR Grote, SA Mann, DA Hopper, AL Exarhos, GG Lopez, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Pulse compression in adiabatically tapered silicon photonic wires
S Lavdas, JB Driscoll, RR Grote, RM Osgood, NC Panoiu
Optics express 22 (6), 6296-6312, 2014
Mode and polarization multiplexing in a si photonic chip at 40gb/s aggregate data bandwidth
CP Chen, JB Driscoll, RR Grote, B Souhan, RM Osgood, K Bergman
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 27 (1), 22-25, 2014
Si+-implanted Si-wire waveguide photodetectors for the mid-infrared
B Souhan, RR Grote, CP Chen, HC Huang, JB Driscoll, M Lu, A Stein, ...
Optics express 22 (22), 27415-27424, 2014
Wavelength conversion and parametric amplification of optical pulses via quasi-phase-matched four-wave mixing in long-period Bragg silicon waveguides
S Lavdas, S Zhao, JB Driscoll, RR Grote, RM Osgood, NC Panoiu
Optics letters 39 (13), 4017-4020, 2014
Generation of parabolic similaritons in tapered silicon photonic wires: comparison of pulse dynamics at telecom and mid-infrared wavelengths
S Lavdas, JB Driscoll, H Jiang, RR Grote, RM Osgood, NC Panoiu
Optics letters 38 (19), 3953-3956, 2013
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