Yair Yigal
Yair Yigal
Jerusalem College of Technology
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צוטט על ידי
The influence of preprocessing on text classification using a bag-of-words representation
Y HaCohen-Kerner, D Miller, Y Yigal
PloS one 15 (5), e0232525, 2020
Author profiling: Gender prediction from tweets and images
Y HaCohen-Kerner, Y Yigal, E Shayovitz, D Miller, T Breckon
CLEF 2125, 2018
Cross-domain Authorship Attribution: Author Identification using char sequences, word unigrams, and POS-tags features
Y HaCohen-Kerner, D Miller, Y Yigal, E Shayovitz
Working Notes of CLEF, 2018
The Impact of Preprocessing on
Y HaCohen-Kerner, Y Yigal, D Miller
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