Mickey Gunter
Mickey Gunter
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צוטט על ידי
Crystal structures of natural zeolites
T Armbruster, ME Gunter
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 45 (1), 1-67, 2001
Stepwise dehydration of heulandite-clinoptilolite from Succor Creek Oregon, USA: A single-crystal X-ray study at 100 K
T Armbruster, ME Gunter
American Mineralogist 76, 1872-1883, 1991
Amphiboles: Environmental and health concerns
ME Gunter, E Belluso, A Mottana
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 67 (1), 453-516, 2007
Mineralogy and optical mineralogy
MD Dyar, ME Gunter, D Tasa
Mineralogical Society of America, 2008
Micro-spectroscopic investigation of selenium-bearing minerals from the Western US Phosphate Resource Area
AL Ryser, DG Strawn, MA Marcus, JL Johnson-Maynard, ME Gunter, ...
Geochemical Transactions 6 (1), 1-11, 2005
Results from a McCrone spindle stage short course, a new version of EXCALIBR, and how to build a spindle stage
ME Gunter, BR Bandli, FD Bloss, SH Evans, SC Su, R Weaver
Composition, Fe3+/∑Fe, and crystal structure of non-asbestiform and asbestiform amphiboles from Libby, Montana, U.S.A.
ME Gunter, MD Dyar, B Twamley, FF Foit Jr, S Cornelius
American Mineralogist 88 (11-12), 1970-1978, 2003
Crystal structure and optical properties of Na-and Pb-exchanged heulandite-group zeolites
ME Gunter, T Armbruster, T Kohler, CR Knowles
American Mineralogist 79 (7-8), 675-682, 1994
Sedimentary phosphorites—An example: Phosphoria formation, southeastern Idaho, USA
AC Knudsen, ME Gunter
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 48 (1), 363-389, 2002
Vibrational spectroscopic studies of asbestos and comparison of suitability for remote analysis
IR Lewis, NC Chaffin, ME Gunter, PR Griffiths
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 52 (3 …, 1996
Systematics in the structure and XANES spectra of pyroxenes, amphiboles, and micas as derived from oriented single crystals
MD Dyar, ME Gunter, JS Delaney, A Lanzarotti, SR Sutton
The Canadian Mineralogist 40 (5), 1375-1393, 2002
Na-and Cs-exchange in a clinoptilolite-rich rock: Analysis of the outgoing cations in solution
RM Woods, ME Gunter
American Mineralogist 86 (4), 424-430, 2001
Na, K, Rb, and Cs exchange in heulandite single crystals: Diffusion kinetics
P Yang, J Stolz, T Armbruste, ME Gunter
American Mineralogist 82 (5-6), 517-525, 1997
The atomic arrangement of merrillite from the Fra Mauro Formation, Apollo 14 lunar mission: The first structure of merrillite from the Moon
JM Hughes, BL Jolliff, ME Gunter
American Mineralogist 91 (10), 1547-1552, 2006
Chemical composition of weathered and less weathered strata of the Meade Peak Phosphatic Shale Member of the Permian Phosphoria Formation; B, Measured sections C and D, Dry …
JR Herring, SA Wilson, LA Stillings, AC Knudsen, ME Gunter, RG Tysdal, ...
Open-File Report, 2000
A review of scientific literature examining the mining history, geology, mineralogy, and amphibole asbestos health effects of the Rainy Creek igneous complex, Libby, Montana, USA
BR Bandli, ME Gunter
Inhalation toxicology 18 (12), 949-962, 2006
Micromorphologies and stabilities of chromium (III) surface precipitates elucidated by scanning force microscopy
SE Fendorf, G Li, ME Gunter
Soil Science Society of America Journal 60 (1), 99-106, 1996
Relationships between respiratory diseases and quartz-rich dust in Idaho, USA
MR Norton, ME Gunter
American Mineralogist 84 (7-8), 1009-1019, 1999
Metabolic enzymatic activities in the intercostal and serratus muscles and in the latissimus dorsi of middle-aged normal men and patients with moderate obstructive pulmonary …
J Sanchez, A Brunet, G Medrano, B Debesse, JP Derenne
European Respiratory Journal 1 (4), 376-383, 1988
The effects of time, temperature, and concentration on Sr2+ exchange in clinoptilolite in aqueous solutions
JL Palmer, ME Gunter
American Mineralogist 86 (4), 431-437, 2001
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