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Adaptive sequential sampling for surrogate model generation with artificial neural networks
J Eason, S Cremaschi
Computers & Chemical Engineering 68, 220-232, 2014
Simultaneous heat integration and techno-economic optimization of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for multiple waste heat stream recovery
H Yu, J Eason, LT Biegler, X Feng
Energy 119, 322-333, 2017
A trust region filter method for glass box/black box optimization
JP Eason, LT Biegler
AIChE Journal 62 (9), 3124-3136, 2016
Process integration and superstructure optimization of Organic Rankine Cycles (ORCs) with heat exchanger network synthesis
H Yu, J Eason, LT Biegler, X Feng
Computers & Chemical Engineering 107, 257-270, 2017
A systematic method to customize an efficient organic Rankine cycle (ORC) to recover waste heat in refineries
H Yu, X Feng, Y Wang, LT Biegler, J Eason
Applied Energy 179, 302-315, 2016
Advanced trust region optimization strategies for glass box/black box models
JP Eason, LT Biegler
AIChE Journal 64 (11), 3934-3943, 2018
A multi-objective superstructure optimization approach to biofeedstocks-to-biofuels systems design
JP Eason, S Cremaschi
Biomass and Bioenergy 63, 64-75, 2014
Parallel cyclic reduction decomposition for dynamic optimization problems
W Wan, JP Eason, B Nicholson, LT Biegler
Computers & Chemical Engineering 120, 54-69, 2019
Process optimization and working fluid mixture design for organic Rankine cycles (ORCs) recovering compression heat in oxy-combustion power plants
H Yu, J Eason, LT Biegler, X Feng, T Gundersen
Energy Conversion and Management 175, 132-141, 2018
Coal oxycombustion power plant optimization using first principles and surrogate boiler models
AW Dowling, JP Eason, J Ma, DC Miller, LT Biegler
Energy Procedia 63, 352-361, 2014
Development of a first-principles hybrid boiler model for oxy-combustion power generation system
J Ma, JP Eason, AW Dowling, LT Biegler, DC Miller
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 46, 136-157, 2016
Dynamic optimization for grade transition processes using orthogonal collocation on molecular weight distribution
Y Ma, X Chen, JP Eason, LT Biegler
AIChE Journal 65 (4), 1198-1210, 2019
A smooth, square flash formulation for equation-oriented flowsheet optimization
AP Burgard, JP Eason, JC Eslick, JH Ghouse, A Lee, LT Biegler, ...
Computer aided chemical engineering 44, 871-876, 2018
Equation-based design, integration, and optimization of oxycombustion power systems
AW Dowling, JP Eason, J Ma, DC Miller, LT Biegler
Alternative Energy Sources and Technologies, 119-158, 2016
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JP Eason, LT Biegler
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 37, 773-778, 2015
A trust region filter algorithm for surrogate-based optimization
JP Eason
Energy-efficient CO2 liquefaction for oxy-combustion power plant with ASU-CPU integration enhanced by cascaded sub-ambient energy utilization and waste heat recovery
D Zhu, JP Eason, LT Biegler
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 61, 124-137, 2017
1 Model reduction in chemical process optimization
JP Eason, LT Biegler
Applications, 1-32, 2020
Operational optimization of polymerization reactors with computational fluid dynamics and embedded molecular weight distribution using the iterative surrogate model method
J Kong, JP Eason, X Chen, LT Biegler
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59 (19), 9165-9179, 2020
Shale gas pad development planning under price uncertainty
C Li, JP Eason, MG Drouven, IE Grossmann
AIChE Journal 66 (6), e16933, 2020
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