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Sperm competition, sperm numbers and sperm quality in muroid rodents
LG Montoto, C Magaña, M Tourmente, J Martín-Coello, C Crespo, ...
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Avian predators as a biological control system of common vole (Microtus arvalis) populations in north‐western Spain: experimental set‐up and preliminary results
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Sperm competition differentially affects swimming velocity and size of spermatozoa from closely related muroid rodents: head first
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Microhabitat use by the snow vole Chionomys nivalis in alpine environments reflects rock-dwelling preferences
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Possible interaction between a rodenticide treatment and a pathogen in common vole (Microtus arvalis) during a population peak
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When to run from an ambush predator: balancing crypsis benefits with costs of fleeing in lizards
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Do rabbits eat voles? Apparent competition, habitat heterogeneity and large‐scale coexistence under mink predation
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Factors associated with the colonization of agricultural areas by common voles Microtus arvalis in NW Spain
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Tularemia Outbreaks and Common Vole (Microtus arvalis) Irruptive Population Dynamics in Northwestern Spain, 1997–2014
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A comparison of methods for estimating common vole (Microtus arvalis) abundance in agricultural habitats
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Performance of rodent spermatozoa over time is enhanced by increased ATP concentrations: the role of sperm competition
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Density-dependent prevalence of Francisella tularensis in fluctuating vole populations, northwestern Spain
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Sexual selection halts the relaxation of protamine 2 among rodents
L Lüke, A Vicens, F Serra, JJ Luque-Larena, H Dopazo, ERS Roldan, ...
PLoS one 6 (12), e29247, 2011
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