Yoed N. Kenett
Yoed N. Kenett
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Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity
RE Beaty, YN Kenett, AP Christensen, MD Rosenberg, M Benedek, ...
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Investigating the structure of semantic networks in low and high creative persons
YN Kenett, D Anaki, M Faust
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Personality and complex brain networks: The role of openness to experience in default network efficiency
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The semantic distance task: Quantifying semantic distance with semantic network path length.
YN Kenett, E Levi, D Anaki, M Faust
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Semantic organization in children with cochlear implants: computational analysis of verbal fluency
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Cognitive Network Science: A review of research on cognition through the lens of network representations, processes, and dynamics
CSQ Siew, DU Wulff, N Beckage, YN Kenett
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Examining Search Processes in Low and High Creative Individuals with Random Walks
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A Semantic Network Cartography of the Creative Mind
YN Kenett, M Faust
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“Forward Flow”: A New Measure to Quantify Free Thought and Predict Creativity
K Gray, S Anderson, EE Chen, JM Kelly, M Christian, J Patrick, L Huang, ...
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What can quantitative measures of semantic distance tell us about creativity?
YN Kenett
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 27, 11-16, 2019
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