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Karen Siu-Ting
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CowPI: a rumen microbiome focussed version of the PICRUSt functional inference software
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Current state of conservation knowledge on threatened amphibian species in Peru
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Anfibios andinos del Perú fuera de Áreas Naturales Protegidas: amenazas y estado de conservación
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Strigolactone synthesis is ancestral in land plants, but canonical strigolactone signalling is a flowering plant innovation
CH Walker, K Siu-Ting, A Taylor, MJ O’Connell, T Bennett
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The phylogenetic position and diversity of the enigmatic mongrel frog Nothophryne Poynton, 1963 (Amphibia, Anura)
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Horizontal gene flow from Eubacteria to Archaebacteria and what it means for our understanding of eukaryogenesis
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Two new harlequin frogs (Anura: Atelopus) from the Andes of northern Peru
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Nuevos registros para la herpetofauna del departamento de Lima, descripción del renacuajo de Telmatobius rimac Schmidt, 1954 (Anura: Ceratophrydae) y una clave de los anfibios
C Aguilar, M Lundberg, K Siu-Ting, ME Jiménez
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Three new species of Pristimantis (Anura: Leptodactylidae) from the Cordillera de Huancabamba in northern Peru
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Inadvertent paralog inclusion drives artifactual topologies and timetree estimates in phylogenomics
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Two new species of Andean gymnophthalmid lizards of the genus Euspondylus (Reptilia, Squamata) from central and southern Peru
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Concatabominations: identifying unstable taxa in morphological phylogenetics using a heuristic extension to safe taxonomic reduction
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Evolutionary relationships of the Critically Endangered frog Ericabatrachus baleensis Largen, 1991 with notes on incorporating previously unsampled taxa into large-scale …
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Anfibios andinos y estudios de impacto ambiental en concesiones mineras de Perú.
C Aguilar, R Gamarra, C Ramirez, J Suarez, C Torres, K Siu-Ting
Alytes 29, 2012
Morfometría de testículos y células germinales de Allobates femoralis (Boulenger 1883)(Dendrobatidae: Anura: Amphibia)
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Morphological variation of Telmatobius atahualpai (Anura: Telmatobiidae) with comments on its phylogenetic relationships and synapomorphies for the genus.
C Aguilar, A Catenazzi, PJ Venegas, K Siu-Ting
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Reptilia, Squamata, Iguanidae, Enyalioides touzeti Torres-Carvajal, Almendáriz, Valencia, Yañez-Muñoz and Reyes, 2008: Distribution extension and first country record for Peru
PJ Venegas, M Cuyos, KY Siu-Ting
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Description of the tadpole of Telmatobius brevirostris (Anura: Ceratophryidae)
C Aguilar, K Siu-Ting, E Lehr
Zootaxa 2626 (1), 61-64, 2010
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