Fabian Herder
Fabian Herder
Curator of Ichthyology at ZFMK
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צוטט על ידי
Spatial heterogeneity in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Hotspot affects barcoding accuracy of its freshwater fishes
MF Geiger, F Herder, MT Monaghan, V Almada, R Barbieri, M Bariche, ...
Molecular ecology resources 14 (6), 1210-1221, 2014
Adaptive radiation and hybridization in Wallace's Dreamponds: evidence from sailfin silversides in the Malili Lakes of Sulawesi
F Herder, AW Nolte, J Pfaender, J Schwarzer, RK Hadiaty, UK Schliewen
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Resource partitioning in a tropical stream fish assemblage
F Herder, J Freyhof
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Environment-contingent sexual selection in a colour polymorphic fish
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Two Asian fresh water shrimp species found in a thermally polluted stream system in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
W Klotz, FW Miesen, S Hüllen, F Herder
Aquatic Invasions 8 (3), 2013
Costly plastic morphological responses to predator specific odour cues in three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
JG Frommen, F Herder, L Engqvist, M Mehlis, TCM Bakker, J Schwarzer, ...
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Aquatic biodiversity hotspots in Wallacea: the species flocks in the ancient lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia
T von Rintelen, K von Rintelen, M Glaubrecht, CD Schubart, F Herder
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DNA barcoding Indonesian freshwater fishes: challenges and prospects
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Dna Barcodes 3 (1), 144-169, 2015
Alien invasion in Wallace's Dreamponds: records of the hybridogenic" flowerhorn" cichlid in Lake Matano, with an annotated checklist of fish species introduced to the Malili …
F Herder, UK Schliewen, MF Geiger, RK Hadiaty, SM Gray, JS McKinnon, ...
Aquatic Invasions 7 (4), 2012
Preliminary checklist of sailfin silversides (Pisces: Telmatherinidae) in the Malili Lakes of Sulawesi (Indonesia), with a synopsis of systematics and threats
F Herder, J Schwarzer, J Pfaender, RK Hadiaty, UK Schliewen
Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ichthyologie 5, 139-163, 2006
Review of the paradise fishes of the genus Macropodus in Vietnam, with description of two new species from Vietnam and southern China (Perciformes: Osphronemidae)
J Freyhof, F Herder
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Male mate choice scales female ornament allometry in a cichlid fish
SA Baldauf, TCM Bakker, F Herder, H Kullmann, T Thünken
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Two New Ricefishes of the Genus Oryzias (Atherinomorpha: Beloniformes: Adrianichthyidae) Augment the Endemic Freshwater Fish Fauna of Southeastern …
LR Parenti, RK Hadiaty, D Lumbantobing, F Herder
Copeia 2013 (3), 403-414, 2013
Pelvic-fin brooding in a new species of riverine ricefish (Atherinomorpha: Beloniformes: Adrianichthyidae) from Tana Toraja, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
F Herder, RK Hadiaty, AW Nolte
The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 60 (2), 467-476, 2012
Oryzias hadiatyae, a new species of ricefish (Atherinomorpha: Beloniformes: Adrianichthyidae) endemic to Lake Masapi, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.
F Herder, S Chapuis
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 58 (2), 2010
Phenotypic traits meet patterns of resource use in the radiation of “sharpfin” sailfin silverside fish in Lake Matano
J Pfaender, UK Schliewen, F Herder
Evolutionary Ecology 24 (5), 957-974, 2010
Adding nuclear rhodopsin data where mitochondrial COI indicates discrepancies–can this marker help to explain conflicts in cyprinids?
S Behrens-Chapuis, F Herder, HR Esmaeili, J Freyhof, NA Hamidan, ...
DNA Barcodes 3 (1), 187-199, 2015
Aphanius marassantensis, a new toothcarp from the Kızılırmak drainage in northern Anatolia (Cyprinodontiformes: Cyprinodontidae)
SJ Pfleiderer, MF Geiger, F Herder
Zootaxa 3887 (5), 569-582, 2014
Gene flow at the margin of Lake Matano’s adaptive sailfin silverside radiation: Telmatherinidae of River Petea in Sulawesi
J Schwarzer, F Herder, B Misof, RK Hadiaty, UK Schliewen
Patterns and Processes of Speciation in Ancient Lakes, 201-213, 2008
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