David McNear
David McNear
Professor of Rhizosphere Science
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The Rhizosphere-Roots
DH McNear Jr
Soil and Everything In, 2013
Application of Quantitative Fluorescence and Absorption-Edge Computed Microtomography to Image Metal Compartmentalization in Alyssum murale
DH McNear, E Peltier, J Everhart, RL Chaney, S Sutton, M Newville, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 39 (7), 2210-2218, 2005
Evidence for avoidance of Ag nanoparticles by earthworms (Eisenia fetida)
WA Shoults-Wilson, OI Zhurbich, DH McNear, OV Tsyusko, PM Bertsch, ...
Ecotoxicology 20 (2), 385-396, 2011
The effects of soil type and chemical treatment on nickel speciation in refinery enriched soils: A multi-technique investigation
DH McNear Jr, RL Chaney, DL Sparks
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (9), 2190-2208, 2007
Assessing nickel bioavailability in smelter-contaminated soils
JL Everhart, D McNear Jr, E Peltier, D Van der Lelie, RL Chaney, ...
Science of the Total Environment 367 (2-3), 732-744, 2006
Comparison of root system architecture and rhizosphere microbial communties of Balsas teosinte and domesticated corn cultivars.
M Szoboszlay, J Lambers, J Chappell, JV Kupper, L Moe, DH McNear Jr.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 80, 34-44, 2015
Nanomaterials in biosolids inhibit nodulation, shift microbial community composition, and result in increased metal uptake relative to bulk/dissolved metals
JD Judy, DH McNear Jr, C Chen, RW Lewis, OV Tsyusko, PM Bertsch, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (14), 8751-8758, 2015
The hyperaccumulator Alyssum murale uses complexation with nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands for Ni transport and storage
DH McNear Jr, RL Chaney, DL Sparks
Phytochemistry 71 (2-3), 188-200, 2010
Induced transcriptional profiling of phenylpropanoid pathway genes increased flavonoid and lignin content in Arabidopsis leaves in response to microbial products
MB Ali, DH McNear
BMC plant biology 14 (1), 1-14, 2014
Tall fescue cultivar and fungal endophyte combinations influence plant growth and root exudate composition
J Guo, RL McCulley, DH McNear Jr
Frontiers in plant science 6, 183, 2015
Toxicogenomic Responses of the Model Legume Medicago truncatula to Aged Biosolids Containing a Mixture of Nanomaterials (TiO2, Ag, and ZnO) from a Pilot …
C Chen, JM Unrine, JD Judy, RW Lewis, J Guo, DH McNear Jr, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (14), 8759-8768, 2015
Infection with a shoot-specific fungal endophyte (Epichloë) alters tall fescue soil microbial communities
X Rojas, J Guo, JW Leff, DH McNear, N Fierer, RL McCulley
Microbial ecology 72 (1), 197-206, 2016
Exploring the structural basis for selenium/mercury antagonism in Allium fistulosum
DH McNear, SE Afton, JA Caruso
Metallomics 4 (3), 267-276, 2012
Shining light on metals in the environment
DH McNear Jr, R Tappero, DL Sparks
Elements 1 (4), 211-216, 2005
Fungal endophyte and tall fescue cultivar interact to differentially affect bulk and rhizosphere soil processes governing C and N cycling
J Guo, RL McCulley, TD Phillips, DH McNear Jr
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 101, 165-174, 2016
Nanotoxicity of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) to environmentally relevant beneficial soil bacteria–a critical review
RW Lewis, PM Bertsch, DH McNear
Nanotoxicology 13 (3), 392-428, 2019
Mechanisms of trichome-specific Mn accumulation and toxicity in the Ni hyperaccumulator Alyssum murale
DH McNear, JV Kupper
Plant and soil 377 (1), 407-422, 2014
Impacts of anaerobic soil disinfestation and chemical fumigation on soil microbial communities in field tomato production system
H Guo, X Zhao, EN Rosskopf, F Di Gioia, JC Hong, DH McNear Jr
Applied Soil Ecology 126, 165-173, 2018
Symbiosis between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and Medicago truncatula is not significantly affected by silver and silver sulfide nanomaterials
JD Judy, JK Kirby, MJ McLaughlin, D McNear Jr, PM Bertsch
Environmental Pollution 214, 731-736, 2016
Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria induce changes in Arabidopsis thaliana gene expression of nitrate and ammonium uptake genes
P Calvo, S Zebelo, D McNear, J Kloepper, H Fadamiro
Journal of Plant Interactions 14 (1), 224-231, 2019
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