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Oren Regev
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Stabilization of individual carbon nanotubes in aqueous solutions
R Bandyopadhyaya, E Nativ-Roth, O Regev, R Yerushalmi-Rozen
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Toolbox for dispersing carbon nanotubes into polymers to get conductive nanocomposites
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Wetting stability of Si-MCM-41 mesoporous material in neutral, acidic and basic aqueous solutions
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Visualization of single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) networks in conductive polystyrene nanocomposites by charge contrast imaging
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Self-organization of double-chained and pseudodouble-chained surfactants: counterion and geometry effects
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A study of the initial stage in the crystallization of TPA-silicalite-1
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A study of the microstructure of a four-component nonionic microemulsion by cryo-TEM, NMR, SAXS, and SANS
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Nucleation events during the synthesis of mesoporous materials using liquid crystalline templating
O Regev
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Alkyl chain symmetry effects in mixed cationic–anionic surfactant systems
O Regev, A Khan
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Interactions between catanionic vesicles and oppositely charged polyelectrolytes phase behavior and phase structure
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Precursors of the zeolite ZSM-5 imaged by Cryo-TEM and analyzed by SAXS
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Completely organic multilayer thin film with thermoelectric power factor rivaling inorganic tellurides
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Enormous concentration-induced growth of polymer-like micelles
P Schurtenberger, C Cavaco, F Tiberg, O Regev
Langmuir 12 (12), 2894-2899, 1996
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