Katherine Telfeyan
Katherine Telfeyan
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Elevated arsenic and manganese in groundwaters of Murshidabad, West Bengal, India
MS Sankar, MA Vega, PP Defoe, MG Kibria, S Ford, K Telfeyan, A Neal, ...
Science of the total environment 488, 570-579, 2014
Rare earth element behavior during groundwater–seawater mixing along the Kona Coast of Hawaii
KH Johannesson, CD Palmore, J Fackrell, NG Prouty, PW Swarzenski, ...
Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 198, 229-258, 2017
Rare earth elements in stromatolites—1. Evidence that modern terrestrial stromatolites fractionate rare earth elements during incorporation from ambient waters
KH Johannesson, K Telfeyan, DA Chevis, BE Rosenheim, MI Leybourne
Evolution of Archean crust and early life, 385-411, 2014
Geochemistry of tungsten and arsenic in aquifer systems: A comparative study of groundwaters from West Bengal, India, and Nevada, USA
TJ Mohajerin, AW Neal, K Telfeyan, SM Sasihharan, S Ford, N Yang, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 225 (1), 1-19, 2014
Arsenic, vanadium, iron, and manganese biogeochemistry in a deltaic wetland, southern Louisiana, USA
K Telfeyan, A Breaux, J Kim, JE Cable, AS Kolker, DA Grimm, ...
Marine Chemistry 192, 32-48, 2017
Vanadium geochemistry along groundwater flow paths in contrasting aquifers of the United States: Carrizo Sand (Texas) and Oasis Valley (Nevada) aquifers
K Telfeyan, KH Johannesson, TJ Mohajerin, CD Palmore
Chemical Geology 410, 63-78, 2015
Comparison of arsenic and molybdenum geochemistry in meromictic lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Implications for oxyanion-forming trace element behavior in …
N Yang, KA Welch, TJ Mohajerin, K Telfeyan, DA Chevis, DA Grimm, ...
Chemical Geology 404, 110-125, 2015
Biogeochemical and reactive transport modeling of arsenic in groundwaters from the Mississippi River delta plain: An analog for the As-affected aquifers of South and Southeast Asia
KH Johannesson, N Yang, AS Trahan, K Telfeyan, TJ Mohajerin, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 264, 245-272, 2019
Long-term stability of dithionite in alkaline anaerobic aqueous solution
K Telfeyan, AA Migdisov, S Pandey, VV Vesselinov, PW Reimus
Applied Geochemistry 101, 160-169, 2019
Cycling of oxyanion-forming trace elements in groundwaters from a freshwater deltaic marsh
K Telfeyan, A Breaux, J Kim, AS Kolker, JE Cable, KH Johannesson
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 204, 236-263, 2018
Aging effects on Cesium-137 (137Cs) sorption and transport in association with clay colloids
K Telfeyan, PW Reimus, H Boukhalfa, SD Ware
Journal of colloid and interface science 566, 316-326, 2020
Comparison of experimental methods for estimating matrix diffusion coefficients for contaminant transport modeling
K Telfeyan, SD Ware, PW Reimus, KH Birdsell
Journal of contaminant hydrology 209, 51-60, 2018
Buried distributaries as a conduit for groundwater flow in Barataria Bay, Louisiana
A Breaux, A Schneider, A Kolker, K Telfeyan, J Kim, KH Johannesson, ...
AGU fall meeting abstracts 2013, H41F-1300, 2013
Sediment and hydrogeochemical contrasts between low and very high arsenic affected areas west and east of river Bhagirathi, West Bengal, India
S Datta, MS Sankar, C Hobson, A Neal, K Johannesson, TJ Mohajerin, ...
Understanding the Geological and Medical Interface of Arsenic-As 2012 …, 2012
Underground and previously undiscovered rivers in the Mississippi Delta
A Kolker, A Breaux, D Coleman, LV Inniss, K Telfeyan, J Kim, A Schneider, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2013, H34A-04, 2013
Field scale investigation of geochemical parameters controlling high and low As occurrence in Murshidabad District, West Bengal: India
MS Sankar, K Telfeyan, S Ford, A Neal, TJ Mohajerin, N Mladenov, ...
Conference Abstracts, 2012
Experiments to determine the suitability of sodium dithionite treatment for a Cr (VI) groundwater plume in a deep aquifer of the United States Southwest
K Telfeyan, PW Reimus, AA Migdisov
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (1), 104913, 2021
Iodine effective diffusion coefficients through volcanic rock: Influence of iodine speciation and rock geochemistry
CW Neil, K Telfeyan, KB Sauer, SD Ware, P Reimus, H Boukhalfa, ...
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 235, 103714, 2020
C Meurer, AD Tigar, MS Bradley, K Tafoya, K Telfeyan, RH Johnson, ...
North-Central Section-54th Annual Meeting-2020, 2020
Groundwater Discharge to a River Delta Driven by the Mississippi River Stage
JE Cable, J Kim, K Telfeyan, KH Johannesson, A Kolker
Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020, 2020
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