KM Kemner
KM Kemner
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Functionalized monolayers on ordered mesoporous supports
X Feng, GE Fryxell, LQ Wang, AY Kim, J Liu, KM Kemner
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Formation of sphalerite (ZnS) deposits in natural biofilms of sulfate-reducing bacteria
M Labrenz, GK Druschel, T Thomsen-Ebert, B Gilbert, SA Welch, ...
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Reduction of Uranium(VI) by Mixed Iron(II)/Iron(III) Hydroxide (Green Rust):  Formation of UO2 Nanoparticles
EJ O'Loughlin, SD Kelly, RE Cook, R Csencsits, KM Kemner
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Protein oxidation implicated as the primary determinant of bacterial radioresistance
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Nanometre-size products of uranium bioreduction
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c-Type cytochrome-dependent formation of U (IV) nanoparticles by Shewanella oneidensis
MJ Marshall, AS Beliaev, AC Dohnalkova, DW Kennedy, L Shi, Z Wang, ...
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Inhibition of bacterial U (VI) reduction by calcium
SC Brooks, JK Fredrickson, SL Carroll, DW Kennedy, JM Zachara, ...
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X-ray absorption fine structure determination of pH-dependent U-bacterial cell wall interactions
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Deinococcus geothermalis: the pool of extreme radiation resistance genes shrinks
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Adsorption of cadmium to Bacillus subtilis bacterial cell walls: a pH-dependent X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy study
MI Boyanov, SD Kelly, KM Kemner, BA Bunker, JB Fein, DA Fowle
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Actinide sequestration using self-assembled monolayers on mesoporous supports
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U (VI) reduction to mononuclear U (IV) by Desulfitobacterium species
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Elemental and redox analysis of single bacterial cells by X-ray microbeam analysis
KM Kemner, SD Kelly, B Lai, J Maser, EJ O'loughlin, D Sholto-Douglas, ...
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Uranyl incorporation in natural calcite
SD Kelly, MG Newville, L Cheng, KM Kemner, SR Sutton, P Fenter, ...
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EJ O’Loughlin, SD Kelly, KM Kemner, R Csencsits, RE Cook
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Effects of AgI, AuIII, and CuII on the reductive dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride by green rust
EJ O'Loughlin, KM Kemner, DR Burris
Environmental science & technology 37 (13), 2905-2912, 2003
Immobilization of radionuclides and heavy metals through anaerobic bio-oxidation of Fe (II)
JG Lack, SK Chaudhuri, SD Kelly, KM Kemner, SM O'Connor, JD Coates
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Design and synthesis of self-assembled monolayers on mesoporous supports (SAMMS): The importance of ligand posture in functional nanomaterials
GE Fryxell, SV Mattigod, YH Lin, H Wu, S Fiskum, K Parker, F Zheng, ...
Journal of Chemical Materials 17, 2863-2874, 2007
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