eric guilbert
eric guilbert
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צוטט על ידי
New Caledonia: a very old Darwinian island?
P Grandcolas, J Murienne, T Robillard, L Desutter-Grandcolas, H Jourdan, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 363 …, 2008
Patterns of fish species richness in the Seine River basin, France
T Oberdorff, E Guilbert, JC Lucchetta
Hydrobiologia 259 (3), 157-167, 1993
Evolution on a shaky piece of Gondwana: is local endemism recent in New Caledonia?
J Murienne, P Grandcolas, MD Piulachs, X Bellés, C D'Haese, ...
Cladistics 21 (1), 2-7, 2005
Traits and evolution of wing venation pattern in paraneopteran insects
A Nel, J Prokop, P Nel, P Grandcolas, DY Huang, P Roques, E Guilbert, ...
Journal of morphology 273 (5), 480-506, 2012
Species' diversity in the New Caledonian endemic genera Cephalidiosus and Nobarnus (Insecta: Heteroptera: Tingidae), an approach using phylogeny and …
J Murienne, E Guilbert, P Grandcolas
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 97 (1), 177-184, 2009
Snags and large trees drive higher tree microhabitat densities in strict forest reserves
Y Paillet, F Archaux, V Boulanger, N Debaive, M Fuhr, O Gilg, F Gosselin, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 389, 176-186, 2017
The indicator side of tree microhabitats: a multi‐taxon approach based on bats, birds and saproxylic beetles
Y Paillet, F Archaux, S Du Puy, C Bouget, V Boulanger, N Debaive, O Gilg, ...
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Description of the first recent macropterous species of Vianaidinae (Heteroptera: Tingidae) with comments on the phylogenetic relationships of the family within the Cimicomorpha
RT Schuh, G Cassis, E Guilbert
Entomologica Americana 114 (1), 38-53, 2006
Phylogeny and evolution of exaggerated traits among the Tingidae (Heteroptera, Cimicomorpha)
E Guilbert
Zoologica Scripta 30 (4), 313-324, 2001
Canopy arthropod diversity in a New Caledonian primary forest sampled by fogging
E Guilbert, M Baylac, J Najt
The Pan-Pacific entomologist (USA), 1995
Fossil Tingoidea (Heteroptera: Cimicomorpha) from French Cretaceous amber, including Tingidae and a new family, Ebboidae
V Perrichot, A Nel, E Guilbert, D Neraudeau
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Canopy arthropod diversity of New Caledonian forests sampled by fogging: preliminary results
E Guilbert, J Chazeau, L Bonnet de Larbogne
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Do larvae evolve the same way as adults in Tingidae (Insecta: Heteroptera)?
E Guilbert
Cladistics 20 (2), 139-150, 2004
Phylogeny of the lacebugs (I nsecta: H eteroptera: T ingidae) using morphological and molecular data
E Guilbert, J Damgaard, CA D'HAESE
Systematic Entomology 39 (3), 431-441, 2014
Mapping characters on a tree with or without the outgroups
P Grandcolas, E Guilbert, T Robillard, CA D'Haese, J Murienne, ...
Cladistics 20 (6), 579-582, 2004
Morphology and evolution of larval outgrowths of Tingidae (Insecta, Heteroptera), with description of new larvae
E Guilbert
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Lace bugs (Tingidae)
M Guidoti, SI Montemayor, É Guilbert
True bugs (Heteroptera) of the Neotropics, 395-419, 2015
Tingidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Laos: new species and new records
E Guilbert
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Historical portrait of the progress of ichthyology, from its origins to our own time
G Cuvier, G Cuvier
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995
Arthropod biodiversity in the canopy of New Caledonian forest
E Guilbert
Canopy arthropods, 1997
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