Daniel Siegwart
Daniel Siegwart
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צוטט על ידי
The development of microgels/nanogels for drug delivery applications
JK Oh, R Drumright, DJ Siegwart, K Matyjaszewski
Progress in Polymer Science 33 (4), 448-477, 2008
ATRP in the design of functional materials for biomedical applications
DJ Siegwart, JK Oh, K Matyjaszewski
Progress in polymer science 37 (1), 18-37, 2012
Biodegradable nanogels prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization as potential drug delivery carriers: synthesis, biodegradation, in vitro release, and bioconjugation
JK Oh, DJ Siegwart, H Lee, G Sherwood, L Peteanu, JO Hollinger, ...
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Lipopeptide nanoparticles for potent and selective siRNA delivery in rodents and nonhuman primates
Y Dong, KT Love, JR Dorkin, S Sirirungruang, Y Zhang, D Chen, ...
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Non‐viral CRISPR/Cas gene editing in vitro and in vivo enabled by synthetic nanoparticle co‐delivery of Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA
JB Miller, S Zhang, P Kos, H Xiong, K Zhou, SS Perelman, H Zhu, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (4), 1059-1063, 2017
Combinatorial synthesis of chemically diverse core-shell nanoparticles for intracellular delivery
DJ Siegwart, KA Whitehead, L Nuhn, G Sahay, H Cheng, S Jiang, M Ma, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (32), 12996-13001, 2011
Polystyrene with designed molecular weight distribution by atom transfer radical coupling
T Sarbu, KY Lin, J Ell, DJ Siegwart, J Spanswick, K Matyjaszewski
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Synthesis of hydroxy-telechelic poly (methyl acrylate) and polystyrene by atom transfer radical coupling
T Sarbu, KY Lin, J Spanswick, RR Gil, DJ Siegwart, K Matyjaszewski
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Synthesis and biodegradation of nanogels as delivery carriers for carbohydrate drugs
JK Oh, DJ Siegwart, K Matyjaszewski
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An injectable thiol-acrylate poly (ethylene glycol) hydrogel for sustained release of methylprednisolone sodium succinate
CD Pritchard, TM O’Shea, DJ Siegwart, E Calo, DG Anderson, ...
Biomaterials 32 (2), 587-597, 2011
Selective organ targeting (SORT) nanoparticles for tissue-specific mRNA delivery and CRISPR–Cas gene editing
Q Cheng, T Wei, L Farbiak, LT Johnson, SA Dilliard, DJ Siegwart
Nature nanotechnology 15 (4), 313-320, 2020
Effect of molecular weight of amine end-modified poly (β-amino ester) s on gene delivery efficiency and toxicity
AA Eltoukhy, DJ Siegwart, CA Alabi, JS Rajan, R Langer, DG Anderson
Biomaterials 33 (13), 3594-3603, 2012
Nanoparticulate cellular patches for cell-mediated tumoritropic delivery
H Cheng, CJ Kastrup, R Ramanathan, DJ Siegwart, M Ma, SR Bogatyrev, ...
ACS nano 4 (2), 625-631, 2010
Nanostructured hybrid hydrogels prepared by a combination of atom transfer radical polymerization and free radical polymerization
SA Bencherif, DJ Siegwart, A Srinivasan, F Horkay, JO Hollinger, ...
Biomaterials 30 (29), 5270-5278, 2009
Gpr132 sensing of lactate mediates tumor–macrophage interplay to promote breast cancer metastasis
P Chen, H Zuo, H Xiong, MJ Kolar, Q Chu, A Saghatelian, DJ Siegwart, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (3), 580-585, 2017
Strategies, design, and chemistry in siRNA delivery systems
Y Dong, DJ Siegwart, DG Anderson
Advanced drug delivery reviews 144, 133-147, 2019
Cellular uptake of functional nanogels prepared by inverse miniemulsion ATRP with encapsulated proteins, carbohydrates, and gold nanoparticles
DJ Siegwart, A Srinivasan, SA Bencherif, A Karunanidhi, JK Oh, S Vaidya, ...
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Development of cationic polymer coatings to regulate foreign‐body responses
M Ma, WF Liu, PS Hill, KM Bratlie, DJ Siegwart, J Chin, M Park, ...
Advanced materials 23 (24), H189-H194, 2011
The polyploid state plays a tumor-suppressive role in the liver
S Zhang, K Zhou, X Luo, L Li, HC Tu, A Sehgal, LH Nguyen, Y Zhang, ...
Developmental cell 44 (4), 447-459. e5, 2018
Modular degradable dendrimers enable small RNAs to extend survival in an aggressive liver cancer model
K Zhou, LH Nguyen, JB Miller, Y Yan, P Kos, H Xiong, L Li, J Hao, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (3), 520-525, 2016
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