John Eimes
John Eimes
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Flexible social structure of a desert rodent, Rhombomys opimus: philopatry, kinship, and ecological constraints
JA Randall, K Rogovin, PG Parker, JA Eimes
Behavioral Ecology 16 (6), 961-973, 2005
Rapid loss of MHC class II variation in a bottlenecked population is explained by drift and loss of copy number variation
JA Eimes, JL Bollmer, LA Whittingham, JA Johnson, C Van Oosterhout, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24 (9), 1847-1856, 2011
Extrapair fertilization and genetic similarity of social mates in the Mexican jay
JA Eimes, PG Parker, JL Brown, ER Brown
Behavioral Ecology 16 (2), 456-460, 2005
The rate of telomere loss is related to maximum lifespan in birds
GM Tricola, MJP Simons, E Atema, RK Boughton, JL Brown, DC Dearborn, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …, 2018
Drift and selection influence geographic variation at immune loci of prairie‐chickens
JL Bollmer, EA Ruder, JA Johnson, JA Eimes, PO Dunn
Molecular Ecology 20 (22), 4695-4706, 2011
Mhc class II diversity and balancing selection in greater prairie-chickens
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Major histocompatibility complex selection dynamics in pathogen-infected túngara frog (Physalaemus pustulosus) populations
TA Kosch, A Bataille, C Didinger, JA Eimes, S Rodríguez-Brenes, ...
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Taxonomic evaluation of selected Ganoderma species and database sequence validation
S Jargalmaa, JA Eimes, MS Park, JY Park, SY Oh, YW Lim
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Patterns of evolution of MHC class II genes of crows (Corvus) suggest trans-species polymorphism
JA Eimes, AK Townsend, I Sepil, I Nishiumi, Y Satta
PeerJ 3, e853, 2015
Greater prairie chickens have a compact MHC-B with a single class IA locus
JA Eimes, KM Reed, KM Mendoza, JL Bollmer, LA Whittingham, ...
Immunogenetics 65 (2), 133-144, 2013
Effect of fruiting body bacteria on the growth of Tricholoma matsutake and its related molds
SY Oh, M Kim, JA Eimes, YW Lim
PloS one 13 (2), 2018
Multiple major histocompatibility complex class I genes in Asian anurans: Ontogeny and phylogeny
C Didinger, JA Eimes, M Lillie, B Waldman
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 70, 69-79, 2017
Re-evaluation of the taxonomy and diversity of Russula section Foetentinae (Russulales, Basidiomycota) in Korea
H Lee, MS Park, PE Jung, JA Eimes, SJ Seok, YW Lim
Mycoscience 58 (5), 351-360, 2017
Characterization of MHC class IA in the endangered southern corroboree frog
TA Kosch, JA Eimes, C Didinger, LA Brannelly, B Waldman, L Berger, ...
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Early duplication of a single MHC IIB locus prior to the passerine radiations
JA Eimes, AKT Sang-im Lee, P Jablonski, I Nishiumi, Y Satta
PLoS One 11 (9), 2016
Three new recorded species of the Physalacriaceae on Ulleung Island, Korea
KH Park, C Kim, M Kim, NK Kim, JY Park, JA Eimes, HJ Cho, SK Han, ...
Mycobiology 45 (1), 9-14, 2017
Five new wood decay fungi (Polyporales and Hymenochaetales) in Korea
NK Kim, JY Park, MS Park, H Lee, HJ Cho, JA Eimes, C Kim, YW Lim
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Taxonomic revision of the genus Lactarius (Russulales, Basidiomycota) in Korea
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Fungal diversity and enzyme activity associated with sailfin sandfish egg masses in Korea
MS Park, SY Oh, S Lee, JA Eimes, YW Lim
Fungal Ecology 34, 1-9, 2018
Diversity and abundance of human‐pathogenic fungi associated with pigeon faeces in urban environments
WD Lee, JJ Fong, JA Eimes, YW Lim
Molecular ecology 26 (17), 4574-4585, 2017
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