Yurena Yanes
Yurena Yanes
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צוטט על ידי
Climatic cycles inferred from the aminostratigraphy and aminochronology of Quaternary dunes and palaeosols from the eastern islands of the Canary Archipelago
JE Ortiz, T Torres, Y Yanes, C Castillo, JDL Nuez, M Ibáñez, MR Alonso
Journal of Quaternary Science: Published for the Quaternary Research …, 2006
Stable isotope (δ18O, δ13C, and δD) signatures of recent terrestrial communities from a low-latitude, oceanic setting: endemic land snails, plants, rain, and carbonate …
Y Yanes, A Delgado, C Castillo, MR Alonso, M Ibáñez, J De la Nuez, ...
Chemical Geology 249 (3-4), 377-392, 2008
Oxygen and carbon stable isotopes of modern land snail shells as environmental indicators from a low-latitude oceanic island
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Paleodietary analysis of the prehistoric population of the Canary Islands inferred from stable isotopes (carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen) in bone collagen
M Arnay-De-La-Rosa, E González-Reimers, Y Yanes, J Velasco-Vázquez, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (7), 1490-1501, 2010
Pleistocene–Holocene environmental change in the Canary Archipelago as inferred from the stable isotope composition of land snail shells
Y Yanes, CJ Yapp, M Ibáñez, MR Alonso, J De-la-Nuez, ML Quesada, ...
Quaternary Research 75 (3), 658-669, 2011
Holocene paleoenvironment (∼ 7200–4000 cal BP) of the Los Castillejos archaeological site (SE Spain) inferred from the stable isotopes of land snail shells
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Dietary patterns during the early prehispanic settlement in La Gomera (Canary Islands)
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Vegetation and climate changes during the last two glacial-interglacial cycles in the western Mediterranean: A new long pollen record from Padul (southern Iberian Peninsula)
J Camuera, G Jiménez-Moreno, MJ Ramos-Román, A García-Alix, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 205, 86-105, 2019
Holocene (~ 4.5–1.7 cal. kyr BP) paleoenvironmental conditions in central Argentina inferred from entire-shell and intra-shell stable isotope composition of terrestrial gastropods
Y Yanes, AD Izeta, R Cattáneo, T Costa, S Gordillo
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Late-glacial to Holocene transition in northern Spain deduced from land-snail shelly accumulations
Y Yanes, I Gutiérrez-Zugasti, A Delgado
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Paleonutritional and paleodietary survey on prehistoric humans from Las Cañadas del Teide (Tenerife, Canary Islands) based on chemical and histological analysis of bone
M Arnay-De-La-Rosa, E González-Reimers, Y Yanes, CS Romanek, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (4), 884-895, 2011
Taphonomy and compositional fidelity of Quaternary fossil assemblages of terrestrial gastropods from carbonate‐rich environments of the Canary Islands
Y Yanes, A TOMAŠOVÝCH, M KOWALEWSKI, C Castillo, J Aguirre, ...
Lethaia 41 (3), 235-256, 2008
Scale and structure of time-averaging (age mixing) in terrestrial gastropod assemblages from Quaternary eolian deposits of the eastern Canary Islands
Y Yanes, M Kowalewski, JE Ortiz, C Castillo, T de Torres, J de la Nuez
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A contribution to the understanding of late Pleistocene dune sand-paleosol-sequences in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)
D Faust, Y Yanes, T Willkommen, C Roettig, D Richter, D Richter, ...
Geomorphology 246, 290-304, 2015
The microstructural record of predation: a new approach for identifying predatory drill holes
JD Schiffbauer, Y Yanes, CL Tyler, M Kowalewski, LR Leighton
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Millennial-scale cyclical environment and climate variability during the Holocene in the western Mediterranean region deduced from a new multi-proxy analysis from the Padul …
MJ Ramos-Román, G Jiménez-Moreno, J Camuera, A García-Alix, ...
Global and Planetary Change 168, 35-53, 2018
Stable isotope composition of middle to late Holocene land snail shells from the Marroquíes archeological site (Jaén, Southern Spain): Paleoenvironmental implications
Y Yanes, JA Riquelme, JA Cámara, A Delgado
Quaternary International 302, 77-87, 2013
Testing limiting similarity in Quaternary terrestrial gastropods
JW Huntley, Y Yanes, M Kowalewski, C Castillo, A Delgado-Huertas, ...
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Shell taphonomy and fidelity of living, dead, Holocene, and Pleistocene land snail assemblages
Y Yanes
Palaios 27 (3), 127-136, 2012
Orbital-scale environmental and climatic changes recorded in a new∼ 200,000-year-long multiproxy sedimentary record from Padul, southern Iberian Peninsula
J Camuera, G Jiménez-Moreno, MJ Ramos-Román, A García-Alix, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 198, 91-114, 2018
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